Game Reactor: Fable II Review and Video Review

Fable II is a real festive experience, that's no doubt. Lionhead has however missed a few details that make Fable II not the absolute Summit, even if it is close. They should have tried to make Albion a more complex kingdom, offered co-op from the beginning and made more efforts for freedom. Fable II may be content with just being really good so do yourself a favor and play it.

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TheColbertinator3652d ago

Good scores for Fable 2.This game will be epic

elshimiablo3652d ago

IGN gave Fable 2 8.8 . Daily game gave it 7.8
poor Molyneaux . I cancelled my preorder after IGN 's review
the average is 90% for the moment but i think it will go below that soon

Pennywise3652d ago

And this is the review to tip it below 9/10.

elshimiablo3652d ago

Fable 2 will average below 90% when all reviews are in. Poor MS and peter