Big Brother is listening (and grabbing): Sony's new PS3 ToS

While the big news on Friday may have been the delay of Sony's ertswhile console-seller LittleBigPlanet, gamers also received a curt e-mail from Sony letting them know that the terms of service for the PlayStation 3 have changed. "If you do not agree with the revised Terms of Service and User Agreement, please contact Customer Service to terminate your account(s). Otherwise, your or your Sub Account's continued use of your PLAYSTATION(R)Network accounts means you agree to the changes," the e-mail tells you.

Let's dig into the new terms and see what it means for gamers. Here's a slight spoiler warning: you'll be slightly concerned.

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Coke-a-Cola3652d ago

Everyone deserves there own copy-write protection .

This legislation does not make Me quite as anxious to share . I have an entire life in the graphics field and enjoy copy-write protection every day for my Art. The thought that I might create something for Little Big Planet and see it sold through Sony is not attractive at all.

shadowghost7523652d ago

It is too late now though, we agreed to the terms and conditions when we signed up, SONY is covering their own backs here a smart move from a business point of view. Besides if a level i made on LBP is shown on tv then i know that SONY likes the level a lot and will be fine with this just as long they acknowledge that i made it

jlytle12343652d ago

you still retain the rights to your level. you can make a level and do what you want with it. however sony has permission to use your level as well. its a standard agreement that every company makes.
lets say you make a lbp level and decide to make a flash game with the same layout. thats ok. but remember lbp, the characters, the idea, the code is owned by sony to begin with.

VampHuntD3652d ago

I agree, as long as Sony credits the author in some way (Just a mention is needed) I'm perfectly ok with this.

And what happened to the users can sell their own creations? This must tie in with that somehow right?

GiantEnemyCrab3652d ago

No surprise $ony's dirty. After the root-kit/PS3 DRE fiasco's none of the scum things they do is surprising.

jlytle12343652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

you are a moron. this is a standard agreement that any company would do.
give me the name of a console maker or software company that hasnt done something stupid.
and i voted to disagree with you but it gave you an agree. stupid website.

Imallvol73652d ago

This is the 5th time an article like this has been posted. EVERY GAME with Mod-able content has clauses like this.