Deviceless streaming may be a likely future for gaming

Since the advent of streaming there is a clear trend that gaming is steering away from consoles which currently dominate the landscape.

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TheEnigma313101d ago

Why do these articles keep popping up. In the near future it isn't happening.

Sgt_Slaughter101d ago

A no-name site probably doing it for clicks

battlegrog101d ago

Ummm yes it is. 2 years from now you will have main steam capable streaming services. MS has a dedicated team alone making one. Other companies are just invested.

TheEnigma313101d ago

Streaming will be a bigger option, but hardware isn't leaving anytime soon.

MuddyWaters101d ago

Sony is kind of doing it now but I don't think PlayStation Now works on mobile. Google is rumored to be doing something and I could maybe see Amazon getting involved too. It is a nice option but we still need dedicated hardware as well, it should remain optional.

nucky64101d ago

until a solid internet connection with good speed is available everywhere, this gaming model will never happen - it would leave too many potential customers unable to play - and the games industry is not about to use a model that reduces the amount of potential customers they could get.

FITSniper101d ago

This. Much of the world would be shut out of gaming either due to slow speeds or bandwidth caps to make this the defacto standard anywhere in the near future. Might it be a budget option in the future for those who can't afford the hardware but have good enough internet (of course if you can afford fast internet, why not a $400 console)? Sure. But gaming consoles in your house aren't going anywhere. Same with digital only games. Discs are required to ensure as many people as possible can play. Many people in Australia won't be thrilled if they can only buy games digitally.

blacktiger101d ago

everything is future but thats if they fix buffering, lag and more importantly can we sell the game we bought?

kevnb101d ago

Every streaming service has been rejected by consumers, it’s fine for non interactive media but for gaming customers have voted with their wallets.

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The story is too old to be commented.