GameXtract: Resistance 2 public beta impressions - Cooperative (part 1 of 3)

GameXtract writes: "It's what you've all been waiting for, the in-depth impressions of the R2 beta! Over 12 hours of gameplay later (which required the skippage of some schoolwork and the loss of lots of sleep), I now have enough to go on to put out my two cents on the game as we know it now. So sit tight, it's time for some Chimera slaying!"

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Silogon3703d ago

I'm glad I didn't get into this guy's beta, cause mine is nothing like that. Well, figuratively speaking. The intel docs he speaks of are briefings and you don't have to go through the same level 8 times to see them all. Your team mates find them too.

The Co-op should be harder, what is this guy thinking? You have 8 guys with you. Why should the bosses be easier? The story in co-op is much more fleshed out in the final build than this guy is letting on and I don't know why he's chose to out and out lie about certain aspects of the beta... maybe he just over looked them or didn't play as much as he's touted, but the beta is doing very well in terms of user feedback and the majority love it.

The beta is also something like 8 months old to top it off.

Blackmoses3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

I like the fact that it is challenging it only enforces the need for team play! I'm telling you when the horde comes straight for your squad 30 - 40 deep you need the Medic cause you will die and often. You will need the Spec-Ops guy throwing you ammo cause you will run out and you will need the Infantry Men cause they have shields you can hide behind.

Honestly playing the eight man Co-Op campaign gave me more of a sense of a real war going on. There were honestly 30-40 if not 50 Chimera on the screen at one time plus those Giants as well. It's crazy but enjoyable.
Finally found a team of guys that worked together and made it all the way through. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

TK4213703d ago

I heard from everyone else that the amount of firepower that you have to poor into the bosses make it a lot of fun.

chaosatom3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

Someone PLZ reply.

Edit: i am talking about qore!!!

Amnesiac3703d ago

Go preorder it at Gamestop for 5$

kid from brooklyn3703d ago

I don't comment much on this site but honestly this should be recognized. The Co-op is incredible and also very challenging. I probably played the co-op 40 times and I still havent found a team that I could finish with. In my opinion its better than the competitive portion at least from what is shown in the demo. This game will be AAA!