Is Microsoft gearing up to start next gen with a head start?

Blair writes: "Xbox is saying all of the right things and winning the little battles, while Sony stubbornly doesn't listen to reason or it's fans.
That's an eerie reminder of something."

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DarkVoyager127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

“Xbox is saying all of the right things and winning the little battles, while Sony stubbornly doesn't listen to reason or it's fans. That's an eerie reminder of something."

Sony listens to what’s important. They invest heavily in AAA single player games and they deliver. That’s what matters and all this crossplay nonsense.

“Suddenly Microsoft could have a lot of great exclusive games and be about the players to boot. Who does that remind you of?”

Doubtful. Ninja Theory being the only one likely to surprise anyone. Maybe the upcoming Fable for Playground Games? That’s about it.

Could the PlayStation brand pull themselves back from the pit of failure?

Really? This has to be satire.

michellelynn0976127d ago

Don't be so cocky. That is how the PS3 started off. Nothing stays the same and Sony may slip if they get overconfident.

doggo84126d ago

"Don't be so cocky. That is how the PS3 started off."

And how did the ps3 end? o yea right.. on top.

126d ago
UCForce126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

@Reaprr Well, PS3 ended with a bang. PS3 made a huge comeback. MS and Nintendo have been arrogant in last generation. Wii U was failure and Xbox One just can’t do like PS3 did.

Skull521126d ago

PS3 also ended with 100,000,000 less consoles sold compared to the PS2. Yeah you read that right. They sold one hundred million less consoles.

TallonIV126d ago


Didn't know second place = "on top"


Father__Merrin126d ago

For your info the Wii was a toy console they cut software support long before ps3 software support. It was the worst console to own in its latter years as no new games were released. Therefore no point in it.

The total sales of that toy don't mean nothing to gamers tbh

UltraNova126d ago

Ok lets run the numbers:

- Sony won this gen by a landslide = positive public reception going in next gen
- Sony will release the ps5 sooner than MS while carrying all this positive momentum = huge headstart
- Sony has the potential to have the best console lineup in history with tons of cross gen games updated from late current gen releases like tLoU 2 and Death Stranding.

What does MS have to go against all that, promises?

UCForce126d ago

@Skull521 TallonIV But tell me this, can Xbox One make a comeback like PS3 did ? Doubtful. PS3 ended with The Last of Us which was the most successful game of last generation.

CorndogBurglar126d ago

@ skull521

The PS2 did not sell 100,000,000 more consoles than PS3. It was more like 78,000,000. But that is still a large number.

Having said that, the PS2 is also the highest selling console of all time. Nothing else even comes close to it. (Except Nintendo DS).

So, since we're talking about competition between the Xbox and Playstation, maybe keep to the topic. And the fact of the matter is that the PS3 outsold the Xbox360. PS2 outsold the Xbox. And PS4 is outselling Xbox One.

But since you are interested comparing console sales with their previous years, how is Xbox One's sales doing compared to Xbox360? Lol

Imalwaysright126d ago (Edited 126d ago )


On top of what? Sony lost billions with the PS3 and they ate a much needed humble pie with it. The only good thing that came out of it was that it allowed Sony to learn from the mistakes they made with it... and Cerny. That man doesn't get the recognition he deserves.

RosweeSon126d ago

I think you mean 360 started well but the brand ain’t what it was 5/10 years ago

TheGoodestBoi126d ago

@Reaprr @Tallon
Wii doesn't count, as it was a kids toy designed for kids and old people to play on.
But maybe we can count Ouya then, Xbox might have competition at the bottom, lol!

343_Guilty_Spark126d ago


The PS3 ended in last place.

100+ million Wii
84 million X360
80 million PS3

DarkVoyager126d ago (Edited 126d ago )


“The PS3 ended in last place.”

“100+ million Wii”
“84 million X360”
“80 million PS3”

Nice try.

84 million Xbox 360
83.8 million PS4

Xbox 360 200k lead over PS3


80 million PS4
37 million Xbox One

PS4 43 million lead over Xbox One

Xbox is dead in the water.

fewDankMemes126d ago

Lol doggo.

This is exactly the point. It's a vicious cycle.

bluefox755126d ago

If you factor in software and sales, it's not a stretch to say that Sony has won every generation since PS1.

Elda126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

So says the console that's leading worldwide in first place as of now with the most consoles sold....over 80 million while the others trail way behind.

morganfell126d ago


The PS3 ended in last place.

100+ million Wii
84 million X360
80 million PS3"

Nope. Nice made up figures. Do you even try for any degree of believably anymore or is it just a farce for you now? Even VGChartz, the stout defender of invented Xbox sales had to admit the PS3 overtook the 360. Next time at least google the figures so you are in the ballpark.

DJ_Professor_K126d ago

to many level headed people at Sony right now for that to happen you just don’t become number one they’ve got a solid team of long time employees so as long as that team is intact they will continue

Kribwalker126d ago

@doggo and Morgan

last official numbers from both have the 360 at 84 million and the PS3 at “100 million combined ps4(10 million) Vita .(7plus million) a month after the 360 hit 84
Maybe you should google the numbers next time so you don’t look like a fool morgan

“The Last of Us which was the most successful game of last generation.”

🤣 in what way was the last of us the most successful game of last generation? It wasn’t the highest rated, it wasn’t the best seller, please explain this nonsense you are spewing

now that’s a spin. The wii was a video game console just like any video game console.

but they didn’t win the sales last gen coming in 3rd place so your thoughts are wrong

choujij126d ago

"Is Microsoft gearing up to start next gen with a head start?"

I'm honestly really confused about their console/service roadmap. Are they going to be releasing a new console every so often and keep games backwards compatible with the previous one(s)? For example, Scarlet launches and it's games being playable on XBX (and possibly S and base Xbox One)? Isn't their plan to forgo console generations?

TheKingKratos126d ago

I can only imagine the xbox fans who just bought the xbox1x ...they would be super pissed if that happen this soon

subtenko126d ago

The PS3 transformed into an epic monster and it had the challenge of the cell, the price, a late start and STILL came out on top.

darthv72126d ago

Last gen the real battle was between the 360 and ps3. It reminded me of the 16bit battle between genesis and snes. Despite genesis winning the hearts and minds of gamers, the snes still outsold it to win. Sega took market share away from nintendo only to lose it all the next gen with their 3rd console.

MS took market share away from Sony with their 2nd console only to lose it all with their 3rd (the xbox one). And no matter what the numbers say... 360 had help in reaching that 80+ million number and that was RRoD. Many customers were repeat buyers so the actual number of consumers is significantly less than the overall number of units sold. PS3 also had issues with YLoD (but obviously not to the same extent as RRoD) so it too had repeat buyers as well.

And it wasnt always technical difficulties that warranted a repeat buyer. when the revisions started coming out, people were into buying additional units that were more reliable, cheaper or just a different looking model than what they already had. It's nothing new as even the PS2 went through similar buying trend with its slim and colored variants.

Markusb33126d ago

Ps1, ps2, ps3, ps4 all lead systems and platforms. Even ps3 over took sales of 360 by the end of the generation. So some things do stay the same

morganfell126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

More made up numbers from the RROD Deafense League. Yes I meant to spell it that way since when it comes to facts they are deaf. And personal insults?...the last line of the defeated.

Obscure_Observer126d ago


"I'm honestly really confused about their console/service roadmap. Are they going to be releasing a new console every so often and keep games backwards compatible with the previous one(s)? For example, Scarlet launches and it's games being playable on XBX (and possibly S and base Xbox One)? Isn't their plan to forgo console generations?"

I don´t understand why you´re so confused. You perfectly described Microsoft's future console/service roadmap. :/

derek126d ago

Nonsense Michelle, no cross play is not the return of arrogant Sony of ps4 fame. Sony poured a ton of money into cell which took a long time to recoup from even with a 5-600 $ priced console. This allowed Microsoft to build upon the year long head start while Sony was handcuffed unable to reduce the price of the ps3 which was already losing them money. Even with all this going for them Microsoft still ended up selling slightly less 360s than the ps3. The ps4 success is a return to the norm, sony has a much stronger brand world wide than xbox, a lack of crossplay wont change that.

StormSnooper126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

That’s him saying his opinion, not Sony.... lol

OT: I think MS would be wise to try and release their console away from PlayStation, a head to head would end badly for Xbox.

TheCommentator126d ago

@ michelle


@ doggo

the PS3 ended up on top because MS stopped with 1st party exclusives mid-gen. If MS stays focused on their recent announcement to focus on games, things could be more competitive than you give them credit for.

Edito126d ago Show
Muzikguy126d ago Show
S2Killinit126d ago

But that's exactly what Microsoft does every generation. They only support their consoles for half the generation, then gear up for the next. They did the same in the first and second generation, now they are doing it again this generation, and even more so because the xboxX has barely been on the market!

But, you are arguing that IF they do it differently, then it would be closer. Ok, if you can fall for it a 4th time, then by all means go for it.

126d ago
choujij126d ago (Edited 126d ago )


"I don´t understand why you´re so confused. You perfectly described Microsoft's future console/service roadmap. :/"

I'm confused because this article is talking about them "gearing up to start next gen with a head start". If they're forgoing generations, then Scarlet would be another Xbox added to the Xbox One family, no? And if Scarlet were somehow to be considered "their next gen console", then what makes Scarlet next gen and not Xbox One X presently, if they'll be playing the same games (albeit better performance on Scarlet)? Do you get what I'm saying?

I would love some clarification on this from any legitimate sources.

Christopher126d ago

***If they're forgoing generations, then Scarlet would be another Xbox added to the Xbox One family, no?***

You're rightfully confused.

What Microsoft is talking about as far as "generations" is making content that is both forward and backward compatible (ten years from now they want to put out a game that can play on Xbox One, Xbox One X, Scarlet, and whatever comes after Scarlet. They also want to make sure everything you can play on Xbox One (and X) now is playable on Scarlet and her successor.

There is still going to be a marker for 'generation' based on hardware evolution (specifically CPU+GPU evolution). But their goal is to get rid of the concept of generation similar to PCs when it comes to software.

Right now, it's a plan, it's not a certainty.

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Aceman18126d ago

If MS can't improve their sales in the regions of Asia, and Europe(UK excluded) they'll never beat Sony in global sales in any generation. This is not opinion but fact, and MS knows this themselves.

Now the Wii even though winning the generation sales wise its software was complete and utter sh*t except for their usual Mario, zelda, smash standouts. The WiiU was pure trash, and I like Nintendo. MS output straight disappeared in the last 3-4 years of that generation. Only Sony was releasing titles on a steady basis.

So I say to this idiot author, and anyone else who wants to believe this tripe do you really believe that Sony just gonna stop doing what they've been doing these past generations when it comes to giving their gamers what they really want the games.

Shiken126d ago

Well next gen the Switch will no longer be a factor as it will not be able to keep up. MS will have no other console to cross play with if Sony still says no, and therefore has no advantage anymore.

What people need to realize is that without a 3rd console that can compete in power, crossplay will become irrelevant outside of PC and mobile (something Sony already does). So all this talk about people jumping to the next box when both new consoles are o equal sales footing at the start of the generation is rubbish, as nothing will have changed in regards to crossplay.

Sony still has the exclusive content, 3rd party support, and Japanese games on lockdown. MS has nothing more to offer next gen than they do now as far as we know.

Also for all the "positive" PR MS is giving, they are just as guilty as Sony in other regards. For example, to play Fortnite on X1 I need to have XBL Gold. To play a F2P game like Fortnite on my PS4 however, I just need an internet connection as Sony does not lock F2P content behind a paywall.

G3ng4r126d ago

You mean like the wii couldn't keep up? Nintendo has the biggest lead going into next gen as it is, meanwhile ps5 is already looking like the first half of ps3. It's understandable sony would want to drag out a successful generation but now microsoft is about to catch them bating too.

UCForce126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

@G3ng4r “meanwhile ps5 is already looking like the first half of ps3.“ Yup, that’s a trolling from you. Also, MS is now focusing on next gen. Good for MS, but they are leaving Xbox One behind without any new exclusive. The Wii succeeds got Nintendo cocky and Wii U was a failure for them. The Switch is doing much better than Wii U that for sure, but they will never catch up PS4 Domination Worldwide. About PS5 ? Sony can get cocky, but interview between Shuhei Yoshida and Shawn Layden, both of them said that PS3 was horrifying moment for them and they did learn a lot of lesson from it. So PS5 won’t repeat the same mistakes like PS3 did.

Shiken126d ago


Nintendo cannot keep up in terms of power. It barely plays the 3rd party games it gets now, what do you think is going to happen when next gen hits? The Switch will not play next gen PS and XB games, so MS has no one to crossplay with.

Also MS is not coming out with a next gen console before Sony. It would be a PR disaster as they leave the X1X behind only a year or so on the market. Furthermore MS has a shit selection for exclusives, so I do not see them gaining much traction without prooving themselves all over again.

Sony will destroy MS next gen. Nintendo will be fine, but they will be left to fend for themselves AT LEAST until the Switch lands.

G3ng4r126d ago

Nintendo will have little trouble keeping up once games anywhere else cost $80. Ah, the pursuit of the graphics. You kids did it to yourselves.

Obscure_Observer126d ago


"Well next gen the Switch will no longer be a factor as it will not be able to keep up. MS will have no other console to cross play with if Sony still says no, and therefore has no advantage anymore."

Nonsense! Where did you get the idea that Nintendo will give up and leave the console market? They´d released the Switch 4 years after the Wii U, so i´m no sure why you aparently think that Nintendo will not do that again and come up with a powerful console in 2021.

Ausbo126d ago

Xbox will never sell more than Sony worldwide. The key is gaining back a chunk of that market share that the 360 had

PUBG126d ago

Xbox Live on PC & console together is the future for Microsoft. The only people who are still worried about who is 'winning' the console hardware race, don't understand what the long game is. Sony's networking technology is years behind Microsoft, and as time goes on and the PC continues to swallow up the console consumer base(and it is...), Sony will have nothing to compete with. PS Now is just a streaming service, which has not caught on with gamers in any significant way for more than a few reasons(graphics degradation and high bandwidth usage to name a couple of big ones).

The truth is, that Sony has no choice but to keep releasing console after console after console, because there isn't much else that makes up their business, outside of their worldwide game studios. Sony as a corporation, now relies mainly on the PlayStation to prop up their entire company. Without a proper network (the PSN is a joke), they have nothing to fall back on. If for some reason the PS5 doesn't perform well, or the PS6 doesn't perform well, that would be a disaster for the entire Sony Corporation.

Cross platform play will be a very important feature for gamers going forward into the future. Open platforms always do much better, whether you're talking OSX vs Windows, or iOS vs Android. There's a reason why Google dominates the cell phone business and Microsoft dominates the PC space, because people want more choice and options. Sony will be forced at some point, to bring a proper download service to PC, and also to embrace cross-play. They are being stubborn now, but they will have no choice, because their future depends on it.

Nintendo is in the same boat as Sony, with regards to network services, which is why they are partnering more with Microsoft and Ubisoft. They also realize that they can no longer rely on just their hardware alone, which is why they are now developing their smart phone strategy. Like Sony, Nintendo cannot afford to have another disastrous console generation, like they did with the WiiU (and also with the GameCube), because their business is almost entirely based on the fact that they need to manufacture a new console for every generation. A failure of a console launch is more risky than ever, since there are so many other places for people to go these days, especially with Smart Phones and PC being so dominant these days.

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TallonIV126d ago ShowReplies(8)
bluefox755126d ago

The statement made no sense, Sony is winning because they DO listen to fans.

cigi126d ago

They do not listen at all. The point is that they are delivering great SP games and people give them a pass for it. But they have as much an issue with multiplayer games as MS has in single player story driven games.

But it is always Sony that are given the credits even though they are not at all for the players.
They are just for them selves, as has been proven many many times.

butchertroll126d ago

Sony would outsold them anyway. MS can have a 2 year headstart.

subtenko126d ago

Its idiocracy... didnt even have to click to know it. Same ol BS

OB1Biker126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

'Xbox is saying all of the right things and winning the little battles,' that statement is just ridiculous.
Thats obviously a biased view and that's what gaming sites go for, basically what they call 'strong opinions' to get attention.
Everyone knows Sony also say many 'right things' and winning 'little battles'. Promoting sp games vs Gaas for instance. Promoting VR for all etc. Where were the positivity about the option to play on ps handheld with cross buy and such?

blackblades126d ago

Looks like another one of those articles.

LordJamar126d ago

Really underestimating Microsoft. Ninja theory and fable. There will be more then that friend i get that you hate xbox but be reasonable

Muzikguy126d ago

It sounds like satire that’s for sure. Sometimes it’s amazing how a site will take one piece of info and make a huge spectacle out of it.

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corroios126d ago

Nope. The person that wrote this must not be a gamer, because this is another wait for it year from Microsoft. Sales wise are lower then 360, games wise they got two flops and Just have another forza. Pr talk, bc, crossplay have no impact whatsoever

UltraNova126d ago


I will not resort to name calling, its not my style. You keep at it though.

OT: MS in not competitive, not nearly enough. I care about games, hell I care about xbox because I know competition is of our benefit. Granted I dont like MS, I've been around long enough to know them for what they truly are. But I do wont them to get their shit together and present Sony with a huge challenge, to keep them honest, where it matters. Thats why I spend time criticizing them as I also spend time giving them my congrats when they actually do something good. Its my right to do so, whenever and as much as I like. If you have a problem with that the door is that > way.

MuddyWaters126d ago ShowReplies(3)
zerocarnage126d ago

two flops I imagine your on about state of decay 2 and sea of thieves, you mite want to dig up how many are actually playing them now which is a lot.

To say they are flops is a huge fail itself.

TheSaint126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

How many playing is a BS PR statistic, games sold is what really counts.

northpaws126d ago

I am curious, can you say it with a straight face that you want next Xbox to be filled with games of that quality and you will be totally satisfied of your purchase? If not then you are just lying to yourself right now.

PhoenixUp126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

“Xbox 360 had a commanding lead for much of the last generations consoles life span”

Xbox 360 lost its lead quickly when Wii overtook it in sale in August 2007.

“Could the PlayStation brand pull themselves back from the pit of failure?”

What failure? Didn’t PS4 just sell over 20 million units just last year, making it the third home console in history to ever do so? No Xbox console could ever do that.

“But if I were a betting man, I’d be betting on Xbox right now.”

The only place Microsoft can ever remain competitive in is North America. It’ll always lose Asia to Sony and & Nintendo and Europe will always undisputedly remain the PlayStation continent. It took PS3 only a year and 3 months to outsell 360 in Europe.

Just remember that Xbox 360 outsold the Wii & PS3 in North America and sold close to 50 million units within the region, yet still ended up in last place in the global market. That kinda stuff is unheard of with every other console that came out on top in NA.

Microsoft’s best effort being the second highest selling home console in the world’s biggest market coming in third place globally within its generation alone should tell you that without a strong presence outside of their home continent, the Xbox brand can only go so far, and they sure as hell aren’t going to reach those lofty heights in their home region ever again.

Zeke68126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

Exactly, what failure ?
PS2: 155 million sold
PS1: 102.4 million sold
Wii: 101,6 million sold
PS3: 86.3 million sold
Xbox 360: 84 million sold (counting the millions that was replaced due to red ring failure...)
PS4/PS4 Pro: If I remember correctly last figure I read was 76 or 78 million... (and counting !)
Xbox One(all models): 32.4 million (?) (and counting?)
Xbox (original): 24 million sold
Switch: Around 18 million sold (and counting!)
WiiU: 13.4 million sold.

Total: Sony 419,7 million (counted PS4 at 76 million now), Nintendo 133 million and Xbox 140,0 million sold.
(Nintendo has about 350 million sold handheld on top of that number !)
(Edit: Sony have 82 million PSP + 18 million PS VITA sales = 100 million handhelds)
So, not counting handhelds, how can they say Playstation is a failure ?! And if they are, what about MS ? lol

Araragifeels 126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

Wow, I didn't know that the Vita sales were 18 million because last time I checked, it was around 14 million million.

Kokyu126d ago

The only correction I would make is Ps4 is at 80 million now as of about a month ago.

343_Guilty_Spark126d ago

80 million was the last official numbers from Sony in 2013 when the gen ended

Zeke68126d ago Show
P_Bomb126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

Generation sales don’t end fullstop the moment a competing console launches. Consoles have their own unique lifespans. Just look at the Wii-U to Switch transition. Did the gen of sales end for PS4/XB1 when Nintendo pulled out on the Wii-U?

PS3 didn’t even launch until a full year after the 360. PS2 sales didn’t end when the 360 gen started. Are you aware that GOW2 didn’t come out on PS2 until four months after the launch of the PS3?

Sony didn’t stop manufacturing PS3’s until 2017 .You don’t manufacture something 4 more years unless it’s still selling. Wii-U production ended before PS3 production did

zerocarnage126d ago

Your numbers are still flawed when you don't have exact numbers.

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343_Guilty_Spark126d ago (Edited 126d ago )


You are moving the goal posts

UCForce126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

Nope, you tried too hard with it. The thing is that PS3 ended with a bang and made huge comeback. Can you say the same thing to your Xbox One ?

126d ago
P_Bomb125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

It’s nothing to do with being sensitive or hurting. Companies don’t keep producing that which does not sell. Betamax, HDDVD, Zune, Kinect, PSPGo, McDLT. No need for personal attacks, eh?