Sea of Thieves Player Calculates That Potentially 0.3% of Players Have Reached Pirate Legend

Sea of Thieves Hub writes: "We all knew going into Sea of Thieves that becoming a Pirate Legend would be like an exclusive club – but perhaps not that exclusive."

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PhoenixUp1198d ago

Yar har fiddle dee, you are a pirate legend

lxeasy1197d ago

That's dedication. It ain't easy reaching level 30 so just imagine level 50

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Harmy6661197d ago

"Potentially 0.3% of Players Have Reached Pirate Legend"

Weird way to say, exactly 0.24% of players have reached Pirate Legend :/

Daz1197d ago

Yeah its a bit odd lol

aconnellan1197d ago

Technically, yes - 0.24% of players unlocked the Achievement. But the Reddit user suggested that the 0.24% unlock is based on the 4 million total people who have played the game - of that 4 million, only 63% or so actually got on their boat and left port (also an Achievement). That's a little over 2.5 million players.

So with 0.24% of 4 million being 9,200 people, that 9,200 went into the 2.5 million to get approximately 0.36%.

So yeah, 0.24% or so have unlocked the Achievement, but that tells us that out of *everybody* who ever turned on the game, 0.24% got Pirate Legend. The math in the post shows that out of everyone who actually kept playing, it's closer to 0.36%.

More semantics than anything, but they're 2 interesting figures to play around with - number of players who actually completed the first action in the game, and number who reached the end-game.

rainslacker1196d ago

More interesting number is that less than 37% of the people who played didn't play for very long. I wonder how many of those were the game pass entrants that didn't allow their subscription to charge once the trial was up.

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rainslacker1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )


I think that's taking it a bit out of context.

You don't get on the boat right away, and you have to go around a bit to get a boat. But the achievement statistics are provided by MS, so they don't lie. MS said 4 million, and 1.5 million played it, and decided that it wasn't worth seeing more after such a short time playing. However, the 2.5 million is derived from MS provided 4 million player count. That 2.5 has no real bearing on MS claim, because it's merely a percentage made available through the achievement statistics, and MS own released player count numbers.

I've played games before where I couldn't get more than an hour in without being bored and not wanting to go back, and Im' sure many of us have. But what's more stark is the percentage of people who got to that point and decided it wasn't worth it.

This leads me to believe that a lot of the people that played it only did so because there was a free trial available for game pass....and it being the game du jour, people were curious and tried it out. Many of those people just decided it wasn't worth it, and I'd assume many ended up not paying anything for game pass in the process.

But then here comes the marvel of subscription services. The one that every company employs to make money. Many of those people would not have removed the auto-sub from their free trial, so MS would have made money off what probably amounts to a significant number of people for a service they probably didn't want in the first place. Even if it's only 10%, of lets say 1 million people, that's 100,000 subs. If they only went for one month, that's $1 million in revenue. Not too shabby for what is essentially a F2P game that people wouldn't have played otherwise because it had an actual $60 price tag attached.

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Harryvok1197d ago

The game couldn’t keep me entertained past about 3 missions for each faction. Just too repetitive and there’s just nothing to find. Oh look, a cool cave! It took two caves for me to realise there was actually nothing cool about any of the caves. No npcs. No treasure. No excitement. Lifeless world.

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