Ten Reasons the Wii Will Have a Successful Holiday 2008

"When the Wii first came out, I was one of the ravenous hordes of gamers who couldn't wait to get their hands on one. I wasn't there on the release day like many of my friends, but I was scouring stores like no tomorrow a few weeks after it came out, thinking it would at least be easy to obtain a few weeks after it'd already been out. Fast forward to 2008, and the Wii is still the elusive creature that casual and hardcore gamers alike both want to get their hands on. It's still as difficult as ever to find, and it's in as high demand as ever, especially with the recent release of Wii Fit and the hype surrounding it. Having been jaded to the Wii experience myself, there are plenty of gamers out there who will salivate over every table scrap Nintendo tosses to the floor, legions of shovelware titles or not. Not to mention the fact that there are some new additions to the system that should get newcomers to the system excited about owning one. That's why this holiday season, the Wii is going to make some serious cash. This was indeed a tough one to write, but here are ten reasons why Nintendo will be laughing all the way to the bank from Wii profits."

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cain1413651d ago

I think Nintendo may have shot themselves in the foot a bit. I wanted to buy a wii last year, but didn't care enough to search for one. Now I really don't have an interest anymore.

This may just be me, but I can't help but think someone out there feels similar.

ihaten4glol3651d ago

Yeah, if I hadn't been initially excited and purchased the Wii when I did, I probably wouldn't even have one right now or want to have one.

N4g_null3650d ago

LOL I think nintendo is posed to take the hardcore market completely away from HD gaming. Thanks to the economic problems cash rich developers and publisher will burn thorough that money they have for HD games.

Nintendo did not prove HD gaming is worthless gamers did. The games are not selling at the rate they need to be selling and more and more game for the HD consoles are hype yet once they come out they are forgotten. Out of all the games that have came out for the PS3 and xbox 360 I can heard remember any thing that deserved the hype it got.

Lucky the 360 is at the Wii's price point now yet it still needs games that ture console gamers want to play. We want the game play that is on the VC not some wanna be PC game on consoles.

The only people that have shot them selves in the foot is SONY. LBP and killzone 2 is suppose to fix the higher price problem and it is suppose to fix the lack of addictive game play which online play tries to help with. Yet online gaming is only a crutch for bad game play.

You guys fail to see is all it takes is kick a$$ games to get the hardcore and the HD guys are doing a halfa$$ job with kicka$$. All of that realism is starting to look generic now. Detail is just piled on top of models just to seem detailed. Lots of people see past this.

The main reason nintendo will do good this holiday is simply because the demand for what they already have has not been meet. I will not be buying animal crossing, Wii Speak, Wii Music yet if you can not see the list of games coming for 09 then you just fooling your self if you still believe you are into console gaming. When ever people start talking about mature games they always end up on the PC which is the game ender when it comes to gaming for most. That platform makes you realize how hardcore you are not.

Face it every one that doesn't like the Wii are people that must justify their HD tv purchase or future purchase of one. People did the same thing when rear projection TVs came out.

If you really are a gamer and you are still saying you are not impressed with the 09 release list then you are into gaming for the wrong reasons. No maybe you are just badly informed. Who knows....

Nick27283651d ago

I think it's wrong to count the Wii out just set: they've shown that they can and, indeed, have been breaking all the expectations surrounding them. Unless they do something amazingly dumb I think they'll hold their own very well this year.

cain1413651d ago

I think the Price point is going to be one of the main things helping them.

N4g_null3650d ago

Price point
massive influx of hardcore games announced.
The next zelda, mario etc etc....

Motion+ will take the waggle out of games. Serious gamers love precision and customizable set ups. In an essence the Wii will be reborn for the hardcore next year. Even Wii resort has games geared more towards hardcore gamers while still including relaxing games.

The easiest market to capture is the hardcore market. SONY proved this with the PS1. FF7 helped but people where just buying the thing because that's where the new developer popped up on. They wanted new games now and the whole waiting game that the HD guys are playing is just like how nintendo fell.

Nintendo has 3rd party support now. It happened grudgingly but it has happened and 09 is going to be sweet! All of the excuses for not the get one are melting away. If you have a HD console there is no excuse not to have a Wii unless you don't really like console games. Which I think maybe the case with a lot of these hardcore gamers on here.

Mikito3651d ago

I think that is all that can be said, they can hold their own. I don't think anything really big is going to come from their holiday season. They need to spend more time putting more product on the shelves than running tons of commercials. Like Cain said, I was interested at one point in picking one up but I would have to jump through hoops to locate one. When they do have them, no one has the funds to purchase them, myself included.

Pennywise3651d ago

Wii will sell even without games. I have never seen so much demand for something so unimpressive.

N4g_null3650d ago

I've never seen such a demand for stuff that only impresses but really delivers. HD gaming is getting a free past when PCs do them correctly.

If you don't think having the VC and the control set up is impressive along with every thing announced then maybe your a PC gamer in training maybe? I'm curious what games do you play now and what do you plan to buy.... then tell me some thing that is better because it is on a console HD wise?

So far HD consoles are the reason why PC games are being held back. Not the Wii...

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