Shining Resonance: Refrain – Frustrating Design Leads to Failure - Player 2

According to Player 2, this JRPG is let down by some dumb design choices that leave it floundering behind its more accomplished brethren

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Darkwatchman101d ago

The game DOES teach you that using up your MP will make you go into a rage mode when you’re a dragon. It is literally the first tutorial pop-up after you have turned into the dragon...the game communicated that to me effectively and therefore I avoided my party’s death unlike this reviewer that I suppose wasn’t paying much attention?

Also, this article complains that the game is too slow and it took 2 hours to get into actual gameplay and was frustrated that there were still some tutorials after that....and this is from the same article claiming the person has a knack for rpg’s....practically every rpg, especially jrpg’s take HOURS to get going. HOURS. And he even mentioned playing FF13, which is a much slower game that takes much longer to unshackle the leash.

It seems like a lot of unfounded criticism that’s either untrue like complaining about the rage mode not being communicated or just straight hypocrisy, as if slow starts aren’t synonymous with the entire genre.

gamer7804101d ago

just started playing and the intro took about 2 hours, but it was interesting enough for me and not too unexpected for a jrpg. I don't understand how the reviewer ended up at a failure for what I didn't see as an issue really.