Sony's Ghost of Tsushima Shares Same Setting With New Anime Aired Today

Ghost of Tsushima is set in an obscure and underrepresented part of Japanese history, but it shares its setting with a new anime series. What are the odds?

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isarai189d ago

"What are the odds? " with how many anime come out these days, very likely actually, especially since it take place in anime's homeland

Abriael189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

considering that there has not been an anime on this in the past 60 years of the history of anime, very, very unlikely that it'd happen in a similar timeframe as the only game in the 40 years of the history of games.

isarai189d ago

Yeah cause you have all knowledge of the hundreds of thousands of anime and their settings from the past 60years. C'mon bro

Abriael189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

Before you write "C'mon bro" can you bring up an example of one set in the first Mongol invasion of Japan?

Bet you can't.

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Michiel1989188d ago

i watched a 'tactics' anime of this in 2016 or 2017 (a la code geass), dont remember the name. There are enough animes that are about it.

just google 'feudal japan mongol invasion anime' et voila.

Abriael188d ago

There's no "tactics" anime on the Mongol invasion of Tsushima. And the google search you suggested returned only Angolmois.

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tontontam0188d ago

Considering how well Netflix' Marco Polo was received by the people, it is very likely that the tv series served as an inspiration for sucker punch to explore the mongolian empire as the setting for their game. or maybe the manga inspired them to look into mongolian empire. and probably marco polo tv series is the reason why we are seeing an anime adaptation right now.

thejigisup188d ago

Great article abriael. Extra points for putting me on to a new read.

neomahi188d ago

Well, but Sucker Punch did it first. It's like those movies you see on Netflix that are strangely identical to the not yet released Disney movies. You're trying to capitalize and ride the wave of someone else's success.

BlaqMagiq1188d ago

Not necessarily. The anime is based on a manga that was created in 2013. More than likely the anime was in production before Ghost of Tsushima was even revealed. This is literally a coincidence.

Smokehouse188d ago

Reminds me that I need to finish drifters. What an awesome game premise drifters would be.

NapalmSanctuary188d ago

I just got done watching Guyver. Its one of those animes where the series ends but the story doesn't. Couldn't begin to tell you how much I LOVE a complete lack closure in my anime.