10° Podcast: PlayStation on Blast Episode 54

Host DLB, MikeDemo1, SiverK9 and Snake-oo, talk about there first impression on Socom Confrontation, and the R2 Beta. They also go over the Amazon Top Ten for the U.S. and UK.

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SCEA3745d ago

I'm Shocked you guys show is just now showing up on here but great job fellas.

Look forward to this show everyweek.

But does anybody know when DLB is going to do another music Podcast?
I like listen to it when I'm at work or playing games.

TopNews3745d ago

This is a great gaming podcast. Not sre why the keep the name PlayStation on Blast when they talk about all the other platforms as well.

This podcast helps my work day go by a lot quicker.
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@SCEA: I know what you mean Bro about the music podcast. Love that one also. I just like you I listen to it when I'm gaming on my 360.

Its like a gaming music radio show.

Keep up the GREAT! work DLB-Network