​It’s Always Sunny: The Gang Goes Mobile

Love the show and looking forward to seeing how the game is as a new mobile game based on the hit show is coming.

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Skull521102d ago

Love the show I’ll give it a try

Garethvk102d ago

I hope we can play as the Nightman and practice Bird Law.

ZombieKiller102d ago

You might need to pay the troll toll for that one....

Kabaneri102d ago

The show wont be the same without Dennis next season.

Garethvk102d ago

He is going to be on it, just in a different way. Likely they will have in in some of the episodes as he has to do his other show. My guess is they will show him in other locales.

jukins102d ago

Hes in it supposedly. When hes absent from an episode the director said Dennis the character is taking care of his daughter

RumHam102d ago

Hopefully I can get someone to send me a box of peaches so I can eat like a goddamn islander.