A new Xbox controller has been announced

Microsoft has confirmed a new controller for Xbox gamers to get their hands on, and boy is it a beauty! The diamond grip controller is currently slated for release in early August and features a fresh white design, mint and silver accents, and a rubberized diamond grip.

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gangsta_red126d ago

Looks nice. They should add that grip to the custom controller options.

BiggerBoss126d ago

I woulda preferred it without the triangle-grid pattern.

Not a bad looking controller though.

Fist4achin126d ago

I would prefer if they kept the buttons with the colors instead of having those 4 dots in the button central area.

Eonjay126d ago

Don't like the design. Prefer the regular white or the Halo 5 controllers:

BiggerBoss126d ago

The Halo ones do look better.

I don't think it's awful though. If it's the same price then it's a cool option I guess.

babadivad126d ago

Halo controllers look hard AF. I can't decide.

Parasyte125d ago

That's not white. That's silver.

Eonjay125d ago

No: I am saying I like the regular white one.

Activemessiah126d ago

Someone at MS has some serious controller fetish... How many does this make so far..

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TheCommentator126d ago

Hundreds of thousands. You can build custom controllers with Xbox Design Lab. It's pretty cool, actually...

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DarkVoyager125d ago

“Someone at MS has some serious controller fetish...“

And a crossplay fetish...

Parasyte125d ago

And Sony doesn't have a bunch of options for controllers?

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Vasto126d ago

Thats one sweet controller.