Playtonic Unveils the Retro-Themed N64 Shader for Yooka-Laylee

While Yooka-Laylee looks like a Nintendo 64 game made for current generation consoles, Playtonic is hard at work on a feature that will make the game actually look like something that would have been playable on the N64.

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Eonjay153d ago

Wow. Twinfinite takes the cake for ads. Absolutely gutter trash.

BiggerBoss153d ago

Thanks for the heads-up.

Won't even click now.

DialgaMarine153d ago

Hmm. I’m still debating on picking this one up. I would love to relive my Banjo Kazooie days, but I remember hearing how short and empty this game felt, plus it had some serious control issues. Does anyone know if the control issues were ever fixed?

FlyingFoxy153d ago

I believe i read that a patch came out a little bit after release fixing some things that people complained about.

isarai153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

Yeah it did, it actually FEELS a lot better to play, however the level design itself still feels rather clunky, which is something a patch can't fix. For the price you can find it at now though i'd definintely say it's worth it

BadElf153d ago

Controls are better now. But yeah, it feels like it was made in a College class...just very empty and boring/ehhhh. A shame....I know the team was small, and it was their first go at it...but yeah, iffy

DialgaMarine153d ago

Well, some of them were veterans of 90’s Rare, from the days of Banjo and DKC. Sounds like the game just needed more time.

BadElf153d ago

@DialgaMarine I know, which is why it was a Hour one purchase on Kickstarter. I also have to say, I knew going in how small the team was, and didnt expect anything crazy, but still, it was disappointing.
And like they said similarly, YL is their "foundation" as a company. So Im expecting their next game to be done legitimately , with legitimate money to help them make what I know they can, a great 3D Platformer.
We'll see what their next game is! Jet Force Gemini type route? Diddy Kong Racing type route? We'll see!

Segata153d ago

That's not how N64 looked. That looks like a blurry PS2 game with bloom lighting of the 6th gen of systems. Former Rare guys forgot what N64 looked like.

MrSwankSinatra153d ago

Whoever disagreed with you clearly never played an N64 Platformer in their life.

Segata153d ago

Maybe they think I'm knocking the PS2? Which isn't the case but knocking the game.

153d ago
Teflon02153d ago

It's been like a year. Who's even waiting for this? This is closer to Jak and Daxter than Banjo in this retro look