Dissidia Final Fantasy NT: Rinoa from Final Fantasy VIII Announced as New Character

Final Fantasy VIII‘s heroine Rinoa Heartilly will come back in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, and her new look is absolutely gorgeous.

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ZaWarudo437d ago

That Force Your Way remix hnnnnggggfff

Abriael437d ago

And that new look for Rinoa... I'd so play a Final Fantasy VIII remake.

-Foxtrot437d ago

Those wings...HOW CAN THEY DEBUNK THAT THEORY, there's so many comparisons with her and Ultimecia, it's like they are giving us hints on a drip feed. Yet they talk more about the Squall is Dead theory, this would make more sense and give FFVIII a more bittersweet ending.

I'd wish they just admit it and say they didn't have time to do it full on so they cut it out of the final release

CryofSilence437d ago

I like the "Rinoa is Ultimecia" theory, but I don't think this confirms it. Rinoa was going to become a sorceress. I think it's common for sorceresses to be winged or have wing like appearance. Adel had wings, edea had wing-like clothes (ok, maybe that doesn't count), and Ultimecia, of course, had wings, albeit shriveled. Still, I would be happily surprised and devastated if that theory and the circumstances were true. The Squall is Dead theory blows.

-Foxtrot437d ago

You have a point in a way but like you said Edea didn't really have them, and she was the one who give her powers to Rinoa, you'd think having wings would mean the last person who's powers you took would have them.

If it went from Edea to Rinoa to Ultmecia to Edea in some cycle then it makes the peaceful, happy ending really tragic but bittersweet. Of course you have the ontological paradox factoring in on this but I'm sure people could overlook it.

Pozzle435d ago

The wings aren't a new thing though. It's a reference to her limit break "Angel Wing" in the original game...


-Foxtrot435d ago

Yeah but the limit Break was only a quick thing

To actually add onto that and have both characters with wings on screen it adds to the theory only if by a little

SarcasticDuck437d ago

when i was getting into FF but didn't knew much about it, i legit thought Tifa was in both VII and VIII

OT79437d ago

My beloved Rinoa,my second FF´s girl, only behind Celes.

ReVibe437d ago

She's such a passive character. Quistis would've represented VIII with a ton more flair. Blue magic could make her a wildcard that let's her use one combatant's bravery attacks for a short time, or she uses her alt attack to absorb another in its place. Would've been a great way to encourage familiarity with all characters.

Best way I can describe Rinoa in traditional terms is a super blackmage.
...Hope that doesn't rule out a Vivi inclusion.