LittleBigPlanet - exact release day confirmed

MCV: Sony Europe has confirmed the MCV that LittleBigPlanet will now be released in the UK on November 5th. The news adds to this morning's announcement stating that it would be released in Europe in 'the week commencing November 3rd'.

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resistance1003651d ago

They choose bombfire night to release it, i guess they will be releasing fireworks to celebrate the release of LBP as well then

Karum3651d ago

Guy Fawkes inspired LBP level anyone?

KingDizzi3651d ago

Well Sony sure are doing the happy dance now, free publicity from BBC, The Sun and CNN for this game will spur sales on for sure, this kind of adversing is very expensive to buy.

The BBC and CNN ones cant even be bought, kudos to you Sony

chasuk083651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

I hope they didn't do this purposely so they could get free advertising from the places you just mentioned, so they dont have to pay much advertising costs. Because if this game fails to sell millions then its down to lack of advertising. And I hope that doesn't happen.


i'll just pick it up on the friday when im picking up my copy of Gears 2..... I Love Gaming :D

Vegeth3651d ago

pfft...22...31...3...5...let s wait for another update!

THWIP713651d ago

...just like everything else for the PS3. Face it...this console is cursed, LOL. :o

thor3651d ago

Yeah it's kind of funny - this was the one of the few games/services that hasn't ever been delayed, it goes gold over a month before release, then some complaining muslims (of all people) end up delaying the game. Looking at the facts more closely, I can see that there would have been no problem releasing the game. The song was by a muslim artist, and had been publicly available on a record label for 2 years I believe.

If I recorded a song, it was perfectly acceptable, and I got it on a record label - and I then released an "interactive music video" using it as the background track - could people _then_ complain? It's completely ridiculous.

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The story is too old to be commented.