Games That Totally Deserve A Modern Remake: Twisted Metal

"Didn't they already do this?" you might be asking yourself. But a Twisted Metal remake done right might be just what this gaming climate needs.

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blanka4545126d ago

heck yeah do it Twisted Metal 2 is the best in the series! :)

purple101126d ago

I know it's not the same, but try "onrush". Youl ge a good fix I promise.

Banging soundtrack too.


killagram126d ago

You mean "Twisted Metal Black" (PS2)? That game was definitely done right.

Venox2008126d ago

I think Twisted Metal: head on (psp, ps2) was good as well

Venox2008126d ago

I would love proper remake of Twisted Metal 2

zodiac909126d ago

Twisted Metal Black 2 is what we need.