50 Most Underrated Multiplayer Games

You've played Fortnite, Halo, and Call of Duty, but you might have missed these underrated multiplayer games!

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isarai193d ago

You can't just take crappy multiplayer games/modes and call them underrated. Tomb Raider? Really? that MP was absolute trash

DialgaMarine192d ago

The Tomb Raider MP was the reason why I had to take a break from the game for a year before coming back to finish the single player

KickSpinFilter193d ago

It's nuts Uncharted 4 is not on this list.

Fist4achin193d ago

Some of those MP options felt tacked on and I wouldn't consider many of the titles, MP games.

gaming_gamer193d ago

Missing uncharted 4 and freedom fighters
Even though freedom fighters multiplayer was very simple it was still a whole lot of fun being able to command your team or setting up each individual soldier in a specific spot to protect your flag. I still play this split screen every once in a while

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