Re-launch or Remake?

For years, video games have been remade, or relaunched. Depending on the game that is being re-released, it could have positive or negative repercussions. From games just being launched on new systems, like Sonic the Hedgehog, Banjo Kazooie, or even Perfect Dark, these games weren't touched in any real way except to give the player achievements, and go back to the days of when they would play them on the old school system. Some games have a new twist, but left almost the exact same.

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xtheblackparade100d ago

I prefer remade games, from scratch. Because the gameplay of the original usually outdates what has come after. Look at need for speed, command and conquer, metal gear solid 1 they all have in common that they've been outdone by other, newer games. Either sequels or other IPs. So the gameplay should match those improvements when a game iteration updates.

PhoenixUp100d ago

Relaunched? Nobody ever uses that term. The term you are looking for is rereleased.


our writer is very old...... must be something they said back in the 70s lol

Tross98d ago

There's room for both, really. I like when games are remade or get the VIP treatment in some way, shape or form, but failing that, just having access to the classics is great too. Either way, the past is made accessible to modern audiences.