IGDA asks studios to "clarify the guidelines and expectations around social media use"

International Game Developers Association executive director Jen MacLean has advised game companies to lay out clear guidelines for employee behaviour on social media, in light of the firing of two ArenaNet writers over an altercation on Twitter.

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Petrovich103d ago

And so the cancer spreads...

Eonjay103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

What are you referring to? The cancer here obviously is social media because it spreads idea that often are not true.
I think as someone who is older its easier for me to filter things I read for objectivity and the truth. I wonder how less experienced people who have spent most of their time online are able to figure out whats real anymore.
Social media can be a cancer because it allows falsehood to grow and perpetuate where in real life they would die very fast.

annoyedgamer103d ago

Thats also a good point. Social media has done more harm than good.

annoyedgamer103d ago

Producers call their fans/consumers nasty names? OK
Fans/consumers question producers and/or motives? Not OK

Eonjay103d ago

This is pretty basic. Even like ten years ago starting my first job outside of college, I remember learning that companies expect their employees to be aware that they consider you to be a representative of the company even when you aren't at work. Employers don't want their company or brand to be associated with something distasteful that on of its employees do.

103d ago
staticall103d ago

Regarding the ArenaNet situation - if you don't want people to express their opinion about what you've said/shared (even if it was/wasn't polite), don't use public forums.

Don't want people to argue/disagree with you?
- Prefix your opinion with «Hey, don't disagree with me» or «i don't care about your opinion» or «i'm venting»;
- Don't attack people who're disagreeing with you, especially if they're your customers;
- Don't use buzz words as defense tactic (gender/sexist/racist/etc);
- Don't use public forums, such as Twitter, share them among your friends/coworkers. Public forums called «public» for a reason.

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