141 Chinese Hackers Arrested For Creating PUBG Cheat Software

Anyone who plays PUBG knows that the game has had a huge problem with cheaters. One of the biggest sources of cheat software comes from China. Tencent Holdings Ltd., the game's distributor there, has been working together with local law enforcement for several months now trying to bring down a ring of hackers associated with creating apps that seek to give PUBG players an unfair advantage. A new report from a Chinese source indicates that multiple arrests have been made bringing the total number of arrests to an astounding 141 people.

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Kokyu126d ago

And this is why I dont game on PC

Psychotica126d ago

More likely you're either afraid of PC's or still rely on mom & dad to buy you stuff

Kokyu126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

I built my first Pc in 94 I played PC games for 2yrs. The community sucked and the games werent that great so I went back to console and never looked back.. I also built my friend his streaming gaming rig last year on the new Ryzen platform. I just dont like PC culture or the cheaters that this article clearly points too as still a problem.

Razzer126d ago (Edited 126d ago )


First you said you don’t game on PC because of online cheaters and now you say you haven’t gamed on PC since the mid 90s? lol....that makes no sense. Why are you even in this article?

Rippcity126d ago

There are cheaters on every platform. PC is just the largest so that's why you see more of them there. I wouldn't let cheaters deter me from being on the greatest platform to game on 😉

Kokyu126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

Yeah not really its not as big a problem as with PC unfortunately. Your claim that PC is largest is also not true steam has 67 million users monthly Ps4 has 80 million owners by itself with 30 more million on Xbone and another 20 million on Switch so no Pc isnt the largest console game is. Greatest is also subjective I find console game much better. 😘

ONESHOTV2126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

Kokyu---- dude your stats are wrong steam has more users than both consoles combined and that 67 million is active users vs your install base that I'm 99% sure that not all of those 80+ is active as steam.

Razzer126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

As of December 2017, Steam had 67 million monthly active users. PlayStation had 80 million. Xbox had 55 million.

PS has grown to 80 million but updated number of Steam and Xbox have not been released that I have seen.

Razzer126d ago

Correction. As of 2017, PS had 70 million mau, not 80.

Rippcity125d ago

Okay regardless PUBG isn't on PS4 so your statistic is still irrelevant and my statement still stands. PC has the largest install base of PUBG players so you see more cheaters there.

psuedo125d ago

No its not the largest. Just easiest to cheat on.

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Kokyu124d ago


No there not. Steam has 67 million active users a month which us what I said. It has 33 million active users a day. If you want tl count people who have accounts but dont use it steam is at 167 million if take Playstation 4 at 80 plus people who still have Ps3s lets be generious and say 50% thats 40 million more thats 132 million at xbox and Switch user console is still the biggest platform. Pc isnt a platform its a device console are a platform because there closed you use a ps4 to play ps4 games PC isnt just a game machine it does other things. Steam is a platform so we have to use it not just Pc sale etc as a whole.

Razzer- xbox has only 30 million units sold so at least 25 million of those are probably PC.

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Razzer126d ago

You don’t game on PC because of PUBG cheaters? lol....right

BiggerBoss125d ago

You act like PUBG is the only game on PC that has hackers and cheaters...

Get real man.

PC as a platform has FAR more hackers and cheaters than on console. This is just a fact.

Razzer125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

lol.....I didn't even imply that. Of course, PC has more hackers and cheaters. I didn't say otherwise. wtf

No Way125d ago

Razzer - That's sure what your comment implies, though.

Razzer125d ago

Kokyu’s comment implied to me that he quit gaming on PC because of cheaters in PUBG. That seemed ridiculous and I pointed that out. Then I saw his comment that he quit PC gaming in the 90s. Either way, nothing I said remotely suggests pubg is the “only” game with cheaters. No idea where you two are pulling that from.

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Kabaneri126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

George Orwell's 1984 is becoming a reality in China. The future is bleak if they are the next superpower.

Razzer126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

Stupid that this is a crime.

Edit: so is this the real reason they were arrested?

“This update also confirmed a long standing suspicion that the cheating apps in fact contained a trojan virus, allowing the hackers to access the user's PC to extract personal information.”

kevinsheeks126d ago

Thank you, I was like wtf is going on arrested 4 cheating or creating cheating software lol

ravinash125d ago

Gaming is becoming big business in China, so if someone is damaging that... then yeah they will come down on you.

Kratos_Kart2007125d ago

why did I read hookers at first??

BiggerBoss125d ago

I don't know, because I hate hackers but I love hookers...

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