Loot Boxes Deemed As "Predatory Gambling" By A Uni Study

Loot boxes and in-game purchases have been put under the crosshairs of a new study by the University of Adelaide.

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deadfrag99d ago

The truth is out but unfortunatly, stupid people keep buying and support this crap.Long were the days were all this stuff was free and give has bônus features.

UCForce98d ago

I have to agree with you.

milohighclub98d ago

Aye, remember the good old days when you simply had to level up or complete challenges to unlock shit...

MeteorPanda97d ago

hot damn all these games are gone? There's nothing but EA now? Hot diggidy.

annoyedgamer97d ago

Thanks to idiot consumers, regulation is in the works too.

Cobra95197d ago

"Though the study focused its criticism mainly on microtransactions, the researchers pointed out that loot boxes posed a significant financial risk for players who are vulnerable to the addictive properties of the product. They just keep on buying and opening loot boxes in the hopes of getting a high-value product worth their purchase."

What a shame that it takes a university study to establish such an obvious fact.

Smokehouse97d ago

Why this same tired crap all of the time? The headline is misleading.

“However, the researchers behind the study lambasted such practices as predatory and far too similar to gambling.”

“These schemes may entice some players to spend more money than they may have intended or can afford, especially when using credit cards or virtual currency that makes it hard to keep track of spending”

That’s not regulated gambling. Why are people so desperate on this topic? It’s kinda pathetic how far people will reach to get government action on this. It’s not like Australia needs a legitimate reason to ban game related things anyways. Why bother with a bullshit study?