Xbox’s VP Mike Yabarra wants to have [Cross Progression] in all PC and Xbox One Games

I really want cross progression on all games. I play on PC and Xbox so much, wish all games supported this. The people I play with do the same so we constantly debate to play new games together on PC or Xbox - just shouldn't need to be a discussion. Let's make it happen!


Admin note: updated title, it was inaccurate.

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PhoenixUp127d ago

How about allowining Windows Store games to cross play with Steam games

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Zeref126d ago

im pretty sure that's already allowed.

Killer Instinct has crossplay with Steam and Xbox

Lon3wolf126d ago

Indeed or just releasing the "exclusives" on Steam at the same time as the store (well I'm pretty as to why they don't), that would be great. Personally I have nothing against the store myself but still prefer Steam.

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DerekTweed127d ago

"....Fortnite, which can be crossplayed between PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and your mobile device, all but the PS4."

As far as I understood, this statement is not quite true. Cross-play between PS4, PC and mobile exists too, right?

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Gh05t126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

Both statements are true. I think you are taking what he is saying out of the context that he is saying.

You can have crossplay "between PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and your mobile device, all but the PS4."


You can have Crossplay "...between PS4, PC and mobile..."

But we dont have Xbox, Switch, PS4, PC, and Mobile crossplay yet.

slate91126d ago

Then make Fallout 76 and Anthem crossplay with xbox/pc!

Rude-ro126d ago

Crossplay is not the topic and Sony has the most amount of crossplay titles for a console..
The topic is cross account.. and Microsoft wants their versions to be the ones offering it.
Like pubg. You could not take your already owned pc version and just have it on Xbox one nor could you move any of your progress.
I remember Microsoft begging to play with steam when they made their “play anywhere” because Microsoft’s servers were empty.

slate91126d ago

Don't really care about sony, that's why its not in my original comment. But the title threw me off. Still, doesn't change my original statement :)

Gh05t126d ago

They dont "make" those games.

What are you people on?

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UltraGaming126d ago

He never said crossplay he said cross progression.....

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