Packaging revealed for the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate GameCube Controller

The pack shot has been revealed for the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate GameCube Controller.

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DialgaMarine125d ago

You know, I wonder if Nintendo ever thought about any game besides Smash, when they originally designed this controller lol

GhostTurtle125d ago

Obviously not....The controller was brought back specifically for Smash..

DialgaMarine125d ago

I mean when the GameCube was still in development. The GameCube controller wasn’t good for many games, but I’ll be damned if it wasn’t perfect for Smash lol

GhostTurtle124d ago

Damn, i misread your op comment. My bad lmao

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Rippcity125d ago

Okay so it's the same controller they re-released for the Wii U when Smash U came out? Are you guys sure this game isn't a port 😒. Okay you got me, the logo is only an outline this time instead of filled in 🙄

Prince_TFK125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

So if it is the same controller then that mean it is the same game as well?

That makes a whole lot of sense.

MrSwankSinatra125d ago

I can use my 2001 GameCube controllers for the smash ultimate, does that mean ultimate is a port of melee???? cmon man lets use some common sense here.

Rippcity125d ago

Yup it makes no sense logically I just love busting on Nintendo 😁

CanadianTurtle125d ago

Preordered one for me, and one for my brother. Had to get them from different sites because they only let you buy 1 through Amazon.

FallenAngel1984125d ago

This 17 year controller isn’t ever going to die apparently

Segata125d ago

Well I see new N64,NES,SNES controllers in game shops now. Seems none of them will die.

ClanPsi1125d ago

I don't want the N64 controller to ever come back.

CanadianTurtle125d ago


And for good reason too. It's truly the only way to experience competitive smash. Even casual smash isn't the same without a gamecube controller. And it's pretty damn durable too. My friends have had theirs for almost 12+ years, and they still work awesome. They're indestructable.

Teflon02125d ago

Until switch they never had acceptable controls since gc. So makes sense. I don't think smashes button layout works well outside n64 and gc controls. A button and b button placement going back to SNES layout threw the smash layout into limbo. They should stick with a layout similar to gc Atleast. Like Sony stays similar to dual shock.

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