Australian School asks parents to ban Fortnite at home

With the rise of any trend among young people, there will always be an adult to tell the world how terrible it is.All you have to do is have watched "Today", "60 minutes" or "Breakfast" in the past few weeks to know that the current target is Epic Games' extremely successful title "Fortnite".

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Kabaneri1297d ago

Lol Australia and their nanny society.

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frostypants1297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

How does a school requesting that parents do something make them a "nanny society"? That's pretty normal. Sure, the Australian government has some legit nanny state policies, but this isn't related.

Granted, singling out a single game is kind of silly, but again...different issue.

Hungryalpaca1296d ago

You saying school isn’t part of society?

Eonjay1297d ago

In much the same way that Sony is attacked for being the most popular, Fortnite will also be attacked for being the most popular.

sprinterboy1297d ago

Don't want to be a party 🎉 popper but these kids should be doing homework 1st then fortnite afterwards, ufortunately that's not the case because parents really don't give a shit about monitoring there children.
how do I know this, one I'm a gamer, two a teacher and 3 seeing lots of kids absolutely tired half way through the day. All they talk about in class, out of class is fortnite.

Eonjay1297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

Right. I mean why should the world be cut off from something because of some crappy parents? But that goes beyond gaming and into this weird thing where parents nowadays are acting afraid of their kids. I don't get it.

bluefox7551297d ago

Parenting really has gone to shit lately.

Kidmyst1297d ago

My Son's friend across the street plays all he wants, then when he runs their batteries out he comes to our house. But we limit our son to 60 min. of screen time a day, 30 on weekdays and his friend is beside himself what to do and can't entertain himself. That's one thing I am glad my Son can do is sit and play toys like a normal kid. I usually play after he's in bed to encourage him to do other things. but his friend brags that he'll wake up hours before his parents, run the batteries out on the PS4 controllers, his tablet and then his phone. When all are dead he's bored and he's 8 years old. Sad really. I love games and grew up with games, but we too had limited time and grew up playing outside, sports, toys, etc. Parents often now let screens do the parenting. My son went 7 days screen free for a challenge at school, out of a few hundred who tried the challenge, he was only one of a couple dozen who did all 7 days. The chart showed most kids failed after 1 day.

kevnb1297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

smh, the world really hasn't changed much (except everyone is afraid of everything now) but now because of the internet always pointing out whats wrong with a few select folks people think its everyone. God when I was a kid we rode in backs of trucks, didnt wear seat belts, family members would give kids beer, kids would wander around unchecked, people would smoke in the kitchen while their kids were eating... give your god damn heads a shake.

frostypants1297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

@Kidmyst, well done. I love games but I also acknowledge how addictive they can be. Letting young kids play them at will is as bad (and likely more addictive) as letting them watch TV all day. I don't get why some parents allow it.

CaptainObvious8781296d ago

Actually, at that young age, no, they should not be doing home work. They go to school during the day to do work, they come home to relax.

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Patrick1296d ago

I don't really think Fortnite is being attacked here due to popularity. But I do think it is not the game that is the problem, it is the parents. As a parent of a 16 year old son, I do not limit his gaming at all.... And he loves Fortnite and plays a lot. I do however expect him to do his homework and chores first. Those are his responsibilities and if he sees to those and keeps up his grades, then his free time is his. Now, we also have family time and I also game with him when I can, which is something my dad never did cause he was not and is not a gamer. Oh, and we have a bedtime, and EVERYBODY... Wife and kids go to bed and I better not catch someone up playing a game or watching TV.. Unless it's a Friday night... Then you can stay up a bit later.. But not too late. Parents... Be parents, your kids will still love and respect you..probably more so.

g-nome1297d ago

Fortnite should be a major subject in school

moomoo3191297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

This teacher sounds clueless and archaic. Single out all the "boys" really and how they can meet all these scary strangers online? As if any of that is exclusive to fortnite or hasnt been going on for years lol

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