The PSN Nickel-and-Dime

Since Qore was rolled out on the PlayStation Network Store earlier this year, there's been a sense of division. Qore subscribers have been the early beneficiaries of demos for SOCOM Confrontation and Valkyria Chronicles, to name a couple; while the non-Qore folks are left wondering if it's worth the extra monthly or yearly charges.

In their weekly Perspective column, Games Are Evil rants about paid themes, overpriced golf courses, and the PSN Nickel-and-Dime strategy.

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Imallvol73746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

Lol at failed attempt to make PSN look bad.

Socom early was a BETA.

I agree that Qore is getting out of hand with the Valkyrie Chronicle situation, but seriously, you will get it for free in time.

PSN IS STILL FREE to play games online which is where its most important and it works Great.

And this Nickel and Dime strategy you speak of, I HATE IT. That's why I don't buy DLC and I DON'T SUPPORT IT. But why act like PSN is the only one that does this? Completely misleading article.

killyourfm3746d ago

We're not at all trying to make the PSN look bad. If you follow Pete's Perspective, or his PS3 articles and reviews, it's completely the opposite. This is an editorial - which are typically rife with opinion.

As someone who owns both consoles, I'll be the first to admit that the XBL marketplace is the larger criminal here especially with all the ridiculous gamer images - but Pete focuses on Sony content and articles only.

Parapraxis3746d ago

Sony is losing millions because they have decided not to charge for PSN, all PS3 owners should be greatful. I know I am.
Optional purchases are very different than having little to no choice but pay.

thebudgetgamer3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

xbox makes you pay for themes. THEMES SERIOUS THATS BAD

and think what you get for the money 15$ for the warhawk expansion that is enough content for a hole new game

GWAVE3746d ago

Yes. Because Qore is required to play games online.

I believe that the so-called "PSN Nickel-and-Dime strategy" is nothing compared to the "XBL quarter-and-dollar strategy".

Guess what? I didn't spend a penny on Qore this month. You know why? Because there wasn't anything of interest to me, so I saved my money. I had a choice. But wait! I thought Microsoft was the one that doesn't want to "make our customers pay for things they don't want" (direct quote).

Raoh3746d ago

GWAVE hit it on the nail. the qore features, demos, themes and betas etc are optional and not the only way to get those features as socom was second to beta and first went to pre orders, motorstorm 2 and naruto demos eventually came to free psn non qore users.

But CHOICE is the key word here.

you have a choice to subscribe to qore and get extra or early content.

to play online games? thats still and should be free.

Darkseider3746d ago

This guy is a clown to the nTH degree. He b1tches about Qore like it's a bank breaking proposition, even though it is OPTIONAL. Whereas with XBL its' $50 a yr. Yeah, I see how this is definately an impartial view... Jackass.

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