Gears of What?

TheSixthAxis: "We're not really into conspiracy theories, but a reader emailed in over the weekend with what seemed like initially a ridiculous attempt at proving the whole LittleBigPlanet delay is the work of a marketing genius and that the recall was 'staged'. We're of the opinion that this is pure hocum, but here's the context for discussion..."

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PirateThom3649d ago

I have reason to believe that while not staged, it gave Sony an excuse to hold the game back for a week or two.

It launches the same week as Gears 2 in Europe.

Say what you want, Resistance 2 may not stand up to Gears 2 in sales, but LittleBigPlanet will.

nice_cuppa3649d ago

do you really think this is a good idea ?

putting sales of gears 2 against lbp ?

im sorry but gears 2 will own november !

PirateThom3649d ago

A game with only hardcore appeal vs a game with mainstream appeal?

vitz33649d ago

Where have you been? The bigger the target audience, then the bigger the sales. Wii is an example of that, there are tons of Baby-Boomers still kicking around.

bunbun7773649d ago

Well, like any good conspirator knows, it isn't much worry if "they" figure it out, especially if its too late to do anything about it. This is possibly true, or it is not, or somewhere in between, which is usually always the case. Seriously though, assuming Sony did destroy all these BR disks, do you not think that they made up the costs in publicity and fervent anticipation? (cuz they did)

Even if you knew it was true--- would you seriously NOT buy LBP anyways?

Mr PS33649d ago

Gears of Who
Gears of Who Cares
Gears of Bore
Gears of Grey
Queers of War

Did i Miss Any ?

Radiodread3649d ago

otherwise you wouldn't of posted you f!cking idiot. Take your ps3 and shuve it up your a$$ since that's what its used for, for you.