Overwatch's Newest Hero Shows Blizzard at Its Most Cringeworthy

Hammond feeds into the worst parts of the already-shaky Overwatch lore.

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Kabaneri192d ago

They already have a gorilla and robots Im not sure why a hamster would seem excessive.

PapaBop192d ago (Edited 192d ago )

I wouldn't go there or they'll outdo themselves and make the next Overwatch character gender fluid.

FantasticBoss192d ago

As someone who has a couple friends who identify that way, why would you care if they do?

Daeloki192d ago

Because it's silly and I honestly don't buy the whole genderfluid thing. You're physically male or female. You might be a very feminine dude or a very masculine dudette, but you're still one or the other. Adding a genderfluid character would appeal to a very, VERY marginal audience, and would make no sense.

PapaBop192d ago

I don't care, I have better things to care about than a bunch of "I have identify as" special snowflakes. I'll start caring though when this fairly absurd logic starts to invade the games that I play. I could easily type a wall of text of all the things I think is wrong with these sort of concepts but just youtube Simon Sinek Millennials for a far more eloquent answer.

192d ago
Gh05t192d ago

Are those friends as imaginary as their self identified genders?

FantasticBoss191d ago

Man, you guys must be fun at parties. Honestly, N4G is the last place I want to deep dive on all of this, but most of the non binary folk I know just want to live their lives and would appreciate the occasional bit of representation. It doesn't have to make complete sense to you to not be an asshole and live and let live. I don't agree with every bit of it, but I also have zero reason to go screetching about it. Most of them are just people, and if your ego is so fragile that including one in your video game with an already wide and diverse cast of characters will send you to a place of rage as it always seems to do than I really think you need to just learn to chill the fuck out and stop giving so much of a shit.

It's worth pointing out that I know about 4 people (maybe more) who identify as some sort of non binary off the top of my head, and at least 2 of them are way into overwatch. One of them actually got featured in a promo photo during the first big season of pro games in their absolutely amazing Junkrat cosplay.

Daeloki191d ago

I must be reading a different thread of comments than you, the ones I see are perfectly chill in expressing their opinions (opinions that YOU asked for). My point was that adding a genderfluid character in the game, just for the sake of appeasing the delusions* of a very small number of people is a waste of resources. It's one thing if you add characters that actually are genderless, but even then they are often identifying as either male or female**.

*Until there is some scientific fact proving otherwise, it's by definition a delusion, just like those people who think they are animals trapped in human bodies.
** Characters that are either robots/mechanical, like Zenyatta or Orisa, or if there were aliens like Namekians from Dragonball (genderless but they identify as males) or Gems from Steven Universe (genderless, but identify as female).

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EazyC192d ago

Eh, not too fussed in principle, but I do think Blizzard is dropping the ball a bit as of late. The character reworks make the game infuriating, as does the shield dependency and new characters. I just wish they'd regain focus, I get the impression the game is waning in popularity.

bmf7364192d ago

THANK YOU. I criticize OW for the same reason on r/Overwatch and i get fucking condemned to hell for pointing out blatant flaws with the game. Seriously the player base is half the reason i quit

EazyC192d ago

Subreddits are generally hives for the circlejerk fanboys, its moderation and upvote structure is tipped to do so. Those with (reasonable) dissenting opinion essentially disappear under the downvotes. It's sad because I imagine Blizz uses it quite a lot for feedback. Their forums get quite a lot of good posts, but I notice very little gets addressed.

What's frustrating is that fundamentally, I love Overwatch, but I think they're steering it in the wrong direction at the minute.

Jrios355192d ago

The reason I hate the Overwatch community so much is because of the never-ending waves of complaints when it comes to character changes, additions, and reworks, especially on YouTube.

Remember Mercy's rework? It got so much hate when it was first revealed. And after 4 severe nerfs in a row, most were saying that she was worthless and unplayable despite the fact that she is still one of the most played characters in the game up to this date.

What about Bastion when he received his drastic buffs and one nerf? Everyone whined and complained that he was OP and broken, but then he falls all the way down to the least played hero in the game.

Or how about begging to nerf "OP" characters like Brigitte and Junkrat, who are perfectly counterable? I can think of 7 characters for the two of them who are perfectly able to counter them.

But no. All this community does is complain and complain without actually looking into the new inclusions and changes, and point fingers and Blizzard for "not knowing how to balance the game". Blizzard is not perfect, and they've made questionable choices, but the community is SO much worse.

Rachel_Alucard192d ago (Edited 192d ago )

The article is purely about the character itself, rather then anything to do with the game or how he plays in it. You wanna talk about cringeworthy? Making a 7 paragraph article complaining about Overwatch lore is pretty high on that list.

Apoca1ypse192d ago

"You wanna talk about cringe worthy?"
Thought you were just going to reference using the name and picture of an anime character.

EazyC192d ago

#autismshaming should be a crime.

PapaBop192d ago

I laughed harder at this than I probably should have lol

Rachel_Alucard191d ago

That's too common to be cringe at this point, Hazama.

spicelicka192d ago

Don't know how grown people take the lore seriously anyway, it's so cringe regardless.

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