The ArenaNet controversy is a reverse-s*** sandwich for the video game industry

Yeah, we’re taking a nice fluffy piece of bread (your choice) and sandwiching it between two steamy logs of fiber-rich manure. Bon appetite!

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Ron_Danger102d ago

Wouldn't the poop need to be sandwiched between two pieces of bread for it to be a sandwich? Unless you're doing some KFC Double Down nonsense.

I mean who puts all the deli meat around the bread for a regular sandwich?

This is just another clear example of biased Delicatessen Journalism. Only a true fanboy puts the meat on the outside.

agentxk102d ago

I think that's why it is a reverse sandwich.

Cobra951102d ago


"Poopy panini" made that article a worthwhile read, reverse or not.

AK91102d ago (Edited 102d ago )

Good lord that title.

Honestly surprised people are talking about this as if though WW3 is going to happen, look a sh*ty and toxic member of a well respected development team was fired for her behaviour that's it.

There's no moral of the story or any other silly nonsense like that my dude.