THQ Nordic Acquires Publisher/Developer HandyGames

THQ Nordic announced it has acquired German based publisher/developer HandyGames, known for a variety of mobile/console games, most recently 2017's Aces of the Luftwaffe: Squadron.

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strayanalog104d ago

THQ Nordic is slowly becoming quite the force.

Majors104d ago

Just wish they hurry up with a new Delta Force or Joint Ops...

BlaqMagiq1104d ago

THQ Nordic is lowkey becoming huge. Quiet yet got some things moving behind the scenes. Looking forward to whatever else they got cooking.

Maybe a new Red Faction that goes back to Guerilla style gameplay and completely disregards Armageddon.

annoyedgamer104d ago

Return of THQ. They already got Metro back under their belt. Now they need STALKER and Red Faction back.

ILoveEmman103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

THQ now owns Volition too so maybe they'll give the Red Faction IP back to them

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