God Eater 3 Gets New 1080p Screenshots and Details Showing New Character and More

Today Bandai Namco Entertainment America released a new batch of screenshots and a few more details about the upcoming action-JRPG God Eater 3.

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Rangerman1208127d ago

His design is questionable but hey, at least this means the game won't be a harem fest.

Dab127d ago

Can't wait to see the rest after it's released in 2 yrs.
By then..hopefully not delayed another 2 yrs due to PS5

NiteX127d ago

I wouldn't worry about that. Even if the PS5 is out this game would probably still only be for PS4. Or maybe both. Also I don't think it still has 2 years of development left.

Abriael127d ago

Uh? Bandai Namco has been nothing but timely with releases. Not sure what you're talking about.