Is Fortnite the Perfect Video Game?

Like it or not, Fortnite is a video game phenomena that has transcended gaming. But regardless if you love it or hate it, there is no denying success! So in the words of a wrestling legend, is this game absolutely...dare we say...perfect?

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frostlatch104d ago isnt. It isnt bad by any means

ChickenMan34103d ago

fortnite is the worst game ive ever played !!! its pathetic how stupid people are and just because its free everyone neglects to look at all the pathetic problems that the game has> The fact a online shooter only has one mpa for over 8 months is pathetic and is a testtiment to how stupid the players really are they suck the devs dck like this gam eis good it has ps2 graphics with the worst shooting controls ive ever felt in my life not to mention constant bugs cheating and horrible glitches ruin this game but hey its free the stupid ass sheeple suck it up like morons

CBaoth103d ago

What are ya tryin to say? Don't sugarcoat it for me, just give it to me straight! - Phil Hartman

ShockUltraslash103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

Game has several flaws.
Can't play offline.
No story content.
Combat system is very poor and boring.
Can't play the game if servers shut down.
Mandatory patches.
Microtransactions that can cost up to 1000$.
Outdated graphics from the PS2 era.

admiralvic103d ago

To be fair, some of these complaints are only true about Battle Royale.

Like, there is a story in Save the World. I believe it's unfinished (it's really long because of the free-to-play mechanics), but it's essentially about figuring out what caused the storm and how to stop it. The combat system is also a lot more varied in Save the World. However, a lot of the flaws to Save the World should also count against Fortnite, such as charging for early access to a free-to-play game that retains those mechanics, absurdly long grinds, not a lot of variety, etc.

bluefox755103d ago

Not for me. I've gotten bored with BR games long ago.

TheEnigma313103d ago

If you're speaking strictly FTP then some people may think that. But other than that, not at all.

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