Days Gone's "world is dynamic, living and reacts to Deacon"

Bend's open world lead on how the player will make an impact.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen105d ago

All I want to know is the release date. The gameplay looks tense and I'm definitely interested.

DialgaMarine105d ago

February 22, 2019. Possibly going to change though, with all the games releasing that day.

Atticus_finch105d ago

I'm hoping they push it a week early or so.

DialgaMarine105d ago

Maybe, but not likely. I imagine it’ll get delayed to late March, assuming Sony doesn’t have anything coming out around that time.

Ceaser9857361104d ago

Sony already said when they are sure then only they will announce a release date so 22nd Feb is fixed and for spiderman 7th sep is fixed

ArchangelMike104d ago

I hope Sony does move the release date. It'll give them more time to polish the game, as well as letting it it have its own space to breathe.

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AK91105d ago

Lol I love your username 😂

105d ago
StormSnooper105d ago

Oh yeah baby bring it. Can’t wait to blow some hours on this!

Snakeking33105d ago

It’s going head to head with the phantom crack down game wonder with will be better

ArchangelMike104d ago

Last I checked, Crackdown was only scheduled for a February window, which means there is still alot of scope for the date to be changed. I imagine they would also want to avoid releasing at the same time as Anthem. So my money is on a slight delay.

yeahright2105d ago

Got a feeling this will be a sleeper hit. I can see a lot of people viewing it as a last of us clone or last of us light so they pass or wait for a sale and then after word of mouth spreads they start to come around and the sales, while never mind blowing, stay consistently good.

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The story is too old to be commented.