Mystery Tales: The Reel Horror Preview - BDStudioGames

Hello, Detective, this is Haroid Jefferson, I need your help, my daughter Maya and her friends disappeared at the abondoned movie theater, I used all the department's resources, but nobody could find a trace of the kids.

Maya and her friends used to joke about the ghost that haunts the cinema, it's why they went there tonight, I have a hard time believing in this kind of stuff, but I have no other choice.

Please use your special abilities to help me find my daughter, I' ll be waiting for you at the cinema.

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Payday 3 Review: This co-op crime 'em up has lovely levels, but it won't steal your heart | RPS

Rock Paper Shotgun writes: "Payday 3 has some good, complex levels to do your co-op heisting, but the matchmaking and levelling systems make it harder to have fun with other players."

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SAND LAND ‘Story’ trailer

Bandai Namco debuted the official story trailer for SAND LAND, the action RPG based on the Akira Toriyama manga, during its Tokyo Game Show 2023 stage event.


TGS 2023: Dragon Dogma's II Director, Producer Talk Meeting Fan Expectations | Hardcore Gamer

Dragon's Dogma II director Itsuno Hideaki and producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi had a lot to say about the game during our interview at TGS 2023. There's a lot for fans to be excited about based on what they said, but the major takeaway is this: their number one priority is to preserve the core Dragon's Dogma concept that fans fell in love with all those years ago.

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