Nathan Drake Doesn't Have A Health Meter In Uncharted, He Has A Luck Meter

According Naughty Dog animator Jonathan Cooper via Twitter, Nathan Drake never actually gets hit by more than one bullet before dying. While enemy soldiers and mercenaries shoot boatloads of ammo at him, the darkened, red-laced screen that emerges when Drake is "shot" multiple times actually represents his luck running out after having consecutive near-misses.
Amy Hennig, creative director of Uncharted 1, 2, and 3, confirmed the tidbit. "That was the original intention," she said. "To stay more aligned with the spirit and tone of the films we were homaging."

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SickSinceSix766d ago

That's the most ridiculous thing I've heard all day. XD

-Foxtrot766d ago

I don’t know it fits in with that action adventure film theme the games have

When the character always gets away with his life by pure luck

Like that scene in Shanghai Noon near the end where Roy goes out in the duel with only one bullet and is fired upon by dual revolvers only to win by a lucky shot. Afterwards he then notices all the bullet holes in the side of his robes.

SickSinceSix766d ago

Historically red-laced screens in games have been used to show blood loss, a luck meter could have been fading to black and white or something, I doubt anyone playing the games thought it was a luck meter thing before hearing this. I sure didn't.

CorndogBurglar765d ago (Edited 765d ago )

I kind of get what you mean, but action heroes also get shot quite a bit in movies. I would say more movies have the hero getting shot in the arm or leg or shoulder than not getting shot at all.

So that kind of goes against the idea that Nathan isn't getting shot at all until the final bullet.

Also, the red outline on the screen is meant to represent blood in pretty much every other game it's used it. It seems weird they would choose that as some form of luck indicator.

Skull521765d ago

Ah so they ripped off the Master Chief, not surprised

UltraNova765d ago

The author clearly doesn't get "games". Uncharted is not a shooting simulator. Its a fun action adventurer game and thats that.


Dude...I lost all hope for you.

Obelisk92765d ago

The original intent may be that, since Drake "heals" with time. But visually it just doesn't work like that, the red screen gives a sensation of injure.


If you're not intentionally trolling for fun, I'm seriously worried for you.

yeahright2764d ago

@corndog, yeah and Drake actually gets shot and stabbed also. remember how uncharted two opened? Guess what happened? drake got shot, one single bullet put him down despite him taking dozens or even hundreds of rounds up to that point. So yes, just like in films, the hero also gets hurt from time to time.
As for the red, I said this earlier, but would have preferred if the screen flashed baby blue?come on. red= blood, ok. but we as gamers also associate red on the screen with getting closer to death, and guess what if his luck runs out, he dies.

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Dark_Knightmare2765d ago

Not really it fits in with the adventuring theme of the game. I think it’s pretty cool actually

SickSinceSix765d ago

I more mean how they implemented it, every other video game I can remember, red on the screen equalled damage taken, blood spilled etc

ShadowWolf712765d ago

To me it was just an indicator of where you were taking fire from, given the directional implementation. And that it really doesn't look like blood...

Dark_Knightmare2765d ago

I haven’t played it for awhile but didn’t the screen fade to black and white when you were close to death

yeahright2765d ago

It did, the red came up to let you know it was fading to black and white as it would have been too subtle otherwise.
I honestly don't see the big deal, sure red usually means damage, but what you wanted it to be summer blue? red meakes sense because that's what we're used to with getting closer to death.
the luck meter actually explains why drake can take 12 9mm rounds and just duck down for 10 seconds and be fine. That's always been a pet peeve of mine with game touting realism. I always just took it as "it's a video game, let it go."

CorndogBurglar765d ago (Edited 765d ago )


So when Drake gets behind cover for a few seconds and gets better, you are okay with that being his "luck" recharging?

Does luck work like that? If you avoid getting shot by 10 rounds, but one more bullet will definitely land and kill you then that is not luck. Or, on the other side, you dodge 10 rounds, then get behind cover so your luck recharges and you can now dodge 10 more rounds with no fear of death?

Yeah lol. Luck doesn't work that way either. Luck is unpredictable. If you can "dodge" the same amount of rounds every time before one finally kills you then that is not unpredictable.

I get that actually taking damage and then healing once you get behind cover is not realistic. But let's not pretend that everyone has some unseen luck meter that can be recharged either, and that is somehow a better explanation lol.

yeahright2764d ago

No but if you read what she says, it's not based on luck in real life, it's based on luck that you see in movies, more akin to Indiana Jones getting shot at than a real life shoot out.

joab777765d ago

Nooooo! That’s epic! He is our cinematic hero, like all those that have come before. This is brilliant. I wish they hadn’t made it seem like he gets shot though, and instead made it seem as though he was getting very lucky all the time. But you have a luck meter and after so many near misses, one will finally get you! That would have been soooo great!

rainslacker765d ago

It's like one RPG calling it Magic, and the other calling it Mana. Call it what you will, it's the same thing in the end.

Ceaser9857361765d ago (Edited 765d ago )

Dude MS ripped off the entire Sony e3 presentation starting with MS copying "Sony Interactive Entertainment" TO "Microsoft studio present" Same black background with white fonts So troll elsewhere and you certainly aint funny anymore

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PhoenixUp766d ago

Luck isn’t an ability and it’s not cinematic

Goldby765d ago

Domino would like a word with you

gamer7804766d ago

I did a search, couldn't find any of the naughty dog agenda articles, it looks like N4G is censoring that content. check out https://www.oneangrygamer.n...

rivaldoo777765d ago

Because it's a rant of a youtuber expressing his concerns on an unfinished product. If the product is finished and has some sort of a negative political impact, it will become an issue on media outlet anyways.

gamer7804765d ago

what? all of naughty dogs games are unfinished products? It's just an article with opinions, whether I agree or disagree isn't the point, only that it should not get blocked from submission if its properly submitted.

rivaldoo777765d ago

I mean the TLOUP2 isnt finished yet. My point was, how can you criticize an unfinished product? Considering NDs track record it's going to be nothing but phenomenal but we can wait and see how this turns out. It's not too late to judge the game when its released. You get it now?

Doge765d ago

Only morons think game developers have some “sjw agenda”.

gamer7804765d ago

I disagree, but even if you were correct, I don't believe media outlets should censor or block opinions that differ from their own, especially something as mild as this.

Doge765d ago

Except this “opinion” that’s being blocked is the same tired garbage from the same GamerGate crowd. Nothing new, nothing productive. Just going by ridiculous accusations and attacking developers and media folks who call it out for what it is. Garbage.

BenjaMan64765d ago

One Angry Gamer? Really? That site is brain poison.

ShadowWolf712765d ago

Usher used to make some good points back before he went insane.

ginganinja765d ago

Maybe N4G actually does have some standards.

Stop spamming this BS.

gamer7804765d ago

I'm not saying i agree with him at all, my point is the policing of what types of posts are acceptable to a degree. Which is a news media right of course, just voicing my dissent.

Silly gameAr765d ago

What does that have to do with anything here?

ShadowWolf712765d ago

Holy crap there is a metric assload of genuine racism in that comments section.


gamer7804765d ago

welcome to youtube comments, they can be the worst.

rainslacker765d ago

YouTube videos aren't sufficient submissions. Overviews of a YouTube rant or opinion piece also isn't considered a valid submission.

For the most part, none of the articles about some game dev having an agenda are on here, or get banned. This was part of the fall out of the gamer gate restrictions implemented on the site.

gamer7804765d ago (Edited 765d ago )

it was originally posted as a youtube link, and thats only permissible if its been picked up by another news source (which it already has). They then tried to put it on a website but they still claimed it hasn't been picked up by other news sources.

it's also the first news result you get when you type in n4g on bing.

Its a topic on several forums already including ign etc.

rainslacker765d ago

You left out the part where they have to be newsworthy. Specifically stated in the actual submission guidelines.

This isn't really newsworthy, because the story is based off a youtube rant, and articles about said rant, and their ensuing opinion pieces, are not considered newsworthy because they're about the journalist, and not the story themselves. I don't agree with this policy, but it's been that way since they enacted the gamergate article policies.

The mods here aren't trying to prevent anti-Sony stories. There are already plenty of those without some stupid nonsense like your'e trying to get on here.

And an anti-Sony piece on YouTube is number one on Bing? The search engine where it's been proven that MS weights the results to serve their own purposes? Yeah, OK. Where's it at on Google? A site with no stake in the console war?

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Razzer765d ago

Cool. Worked pretty well.