Ubisoft are moving away from ‘finite experiences’ but let’s not abandon a search for meaning

If the future is 7/10 games with no conclusion, then it might be game over for some of the uncompromising tales we've held most dear.

Dan Dawkins writes, "Ubisoft has been talking about a desire to create games that do ‘not give finite experiences’ i.e. for the game to keep going after you’ve finished it, with unlimited gameplay. “We build a strong nemesis, and the goal of the game is to kill him or free the country, we've done that a few times in our games”, explains Ubisoft’s Executive Vice President of Creative, Lionel Raynaud, whose job title is an exercise in testing finite boundaries. “But when you succeed, you have to leave the game, because there is nothing else to do. So the goal was to break this, and say that you will be the hero of a region or population many times, not just once. And if you get rid of a dictator or an oppressor, something else is going to happen in the world, and you will have a new goal”. I appreciate that life isn’t about riding into the sunset like My Darling Clementine, but I’d rather bow out like Thelma and Louise than live in a world where the clifftop never ends."

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CaptainOmega191d ago

So in essence, a GaaS model. got it.

porkChop191d ago

GAAS is one possibility, but that isn't necessarily the only way to have a game that doesn't end.

UCForce189d ago

“Sigh” That’s just make me angry.

yeahright2189d ago

It's funny because I now feel myself moving away from Ubisoft

Tsar4ever01189d ago

PlayStation already has it's own GAAS, it's called "Free To Play" It's always been there but it's just Limited and Sony's take on GAAS is just different.

TheCommentator189d ago

Ubisoft is busy filling up their hot air balloon, who wants to go for a ride?

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lociefer191d ago

Is that what we're calling single player games now ? Finite experiences ? Wow and i thought gaas was bad

indyman7777189d ago

LOL right.......GAAS (RENT TO OWN is not as bad as GAAS....because GAAS is rent to NEVER own) EVER!

PhoenixUp191d ago

Give us another Rayman dammit

CaptainOmega191d ago

I wouldn't mind a Child of Light-esque game.

Hardiman191d ago

Oh so you want more GAAS?!?! No worries I have Sony, Nintendo and quite a few second and third party devs who deliver SP games so I won't miss ya!

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The story is too old to be commented.