What People Want In The PS5 Skewedcast

In their latest Skewedcast; Gareth, Justin, and Michael at Skewed and Reviewed discuss what they and other users want to see in the PlayStation 5. They Discuss the new Stealth 300 headset from Turtle Beach as well.

1:22 Turtle Beach Headphone overview
2:15 Sony PS 5 wishlist

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WickedLester192d ago

Is it me or does the host of this podcast sound just like Jeff Daniels?

Garethvk192d ago

I have never had anyone say that. I had one Producer say I had the eyes and forehead of Young Kevin Costner. I will ask the people at the station as I have done radio for a long time and never heard that one.

WickedLester190d ago

Its probably just me. I always associate podcast voices with celebrities for some reason. Theres one podcast that gets posted on here where I swear the hosts sound like Ray Romano and "Randall" from the movie Clerks, LOL.

Garethvk188d ago

That is a very interesting mix.