Patricia Summersett discusses the pressures of voicing Princess Zelda

Princess Zelda, or Patricia Summersett as she’s known in this realm, participated in a fantastic video interview with YouTuber (and former Zelda Universe reporter!) GameOver Jesse and answered many questions that fans have been wondering about.

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Dannycr100d ago

Interesting, specially when she was easily one of the worst things about Breath Of The Wild. Her V/O was really effin bad. Japanese and Spanish was way better. She just sounded uninterested, bored and plain. No emotion whatsoever.

ZaWarudo100d ago

Japanese Zelda sounds like generic anime girl voice #2365

JimmyDM90100d ago

Yeah the V/O in Breath of the Wild was consistently bad but I still want more voice over in future Zelda games I just hope they put more effort in in terms of casting and directing.

Jinger100d ago

The pressure must have gotten to her because she was pretty bad. The writing wasn't all that hot either. It was a joint effort screw up.

rivaldoo777100d ago

Yeah I agree, if the narrative matched its gameplay, damn the game would of been best game of the generation.

GamesMaster1982100d ago

Must admit bought Breath of the wild for wii u last week only played maybe 3 hours but i don't understand what all the praise is about ?, im quite bored of it. There is next to no story either so i don't see i reason for me to continue on at this point. Meh might trade it for Bayonetta 2 next week.

DrStronk100d ago

The rest of the game doesn’t stray far from the initial hours in terms of gameplay or amount of story. In other words: if you didn’t like the game’s opening then you probably won’t like what the rest of the game has to offer, either. I’d trade it in for another game if I were you. Let’s hope that Beyonetta 2 is more your kind of game!

Madmoose100d ago

Yeah, it happens dude. Not every game is for everybody. It is okay to go against the grain at times or for it not to be your thing. That's the beauty of having so many options for us as gamers I know that people looked at me like I had five heads when I could not get into Halo wouldn't think that the Last of Us was the second coming of Jesus Christ. There was a lot of hype for that game Detroit here and other boards that I visit, yet people that I actually know in real life that I've played it. It was just okay to absolute dog shit.

I think that Zelda is one of the best games this generation, but that's my opinion and not your enjoyment. And I don't believe anybody should try to force themselves to play or finish a game that they're not enjoying just because others think they should. I would first suggest taking a break and then going back at it; but if it doesn't hit you I would definitely suggest trading it in for Bayonetta2 as that game was pretty damn great itself.

GamesMaster198299d ago (Edited 99d ago )

Yeah and i fully respect and understand that just because a game is popular or highly rated, that does not mean that eveyone will like it. For example i loved Detroit and The Last Of Us, but i disliked Bloodbourne and as stated above can't seem to get into Breath Of The Wild. I guess story drivin games are more my thing. As for Bayonetta 2 yeah i know i will enjoy that as i did enjoy the first. Don't get me wrong i am a little dissapointed that i just can't get into Breath Of The Wild after all the high praise it received, but i guess thats life.

Zeldafan64100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

That sucks for you but I've put over 700 hours into BotW so there's something to be said about different people having different tastes.

GamesMaster198299d ago

Do you or anyone know if you can use a WII U Classic controller on this game ?, because i think one reason i was not enjoying is the god damn awful Wii U huge controller. Maybe if i can use a normal size controller ill give it a better go.

WPX99d ago

I'm not sure that it can be used since I can't remember if that controller has gyro like the wii u gamepad or ,in the switch case, pro controller.

Eltortugagames100d ago

It does happen I put about 12 hours into horizon and just stopped idk I wish it grabbed me more

Madmoose99d ago

Yeah, my buddy hated it. He completed it for the trophies or whatever, but he griped about it and called it a chore the whole way through.

Zeldafan6499d ago

I'm pretty sure you can use the Wii U pro controller but not 100% positive because I have the Switch version.

rainslacker99d ago

The game play picks up after a while, at least in terms of giving more challenge sometimes, and the exploration is sometimes interesting. But the story stays pretty dull....and about as deep as the original Zelda game on NES was back in the day....throughout the game.

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