Goliaths, Wraiths and Vultures Return in StarCraft II

The's StarCraft 2 network site, has been combing through the interview material made available at BlizzCon, and found that a lot of fans of the old classic have something really exciting to look forward to; several old favourites and "overpowered prototypes" from the StarCraft universe will be available in the single player option of the game, which will be quite different from multiplayer.

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AndyA3703d ago

Single player game sounds good to me

Maticus3703d ago

That's good, I'm quite odd in that I prefer the single-player game anyway :)

Leord3703d ago

Yeah, and I can just imagine the absolutely awesome fan-made maps with those tools they showed at BlizzCon.

Still, I'll probably play through that like twice just to get to play ALL the maps. I'm also a "turtle" though, so this will take all spring, I think ;)

SCFreelancer3703d ago

While I like both, Starcraft is one of the few RTS games that I actually play for the story! I looove it and must say that the Story and SP in general are looking amazing for SC2.

SCFreelancer3703d ago

This is good news indeed. This does make me wonder what else this SP tech tree has in store for us singpleplayer fans!

Leord3703d ago

Let's see if there will be Firebats, and if they will be the Marauder-looking one, or perhaps a smaller version, more like the Marines...

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The story is too old to be commented.