Detroit: Become Human - Clancy Brown Doesn't Consider Connor To Be Hank's Son

The relationship between Connor and Hank is largely considered one of the strongest aspects of Detroit: Become Human. If you play your cards right, you can end up with a very heartwarming relationship between the grizzled android-hating cop and the prototype detective android. But does Hank eventually come to consider Connor his surrogate son? An eager fan asked that very question on Clancy Brown's official Twitter page, and the famous actor was quick to respond.

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Mr Pumblechook100d ago (Edited 100d ago )


Not all gamers play a game at the time of release. Spoiling a plot point like this shows an entitlement that if a person hasn't completed a game when you have they are worth nothing - this is anti-gamer.

You should write the headline so it teases enough for people who have played the game - but DOESN'T SPOIL anything for people who haven't.

pasta_spice100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

It isn't a spoiler because it isn't a plotpoint at all. Not only can Hank and Conner's relationship wildly vary depending on how you play, but its never even a question in the game whether Hank considers Conner his son. Its fan speculation at best.

LinkMaster64X100d ago

Going by the picture in the article here this game doesn't look very good either that or that picture was a work in progress.

Liqu1d100d ago

Do you often judge entire game's off of low resolution thumbnails or is Detroit a special case?

LinkMaster64X98d ago

No, but every article I saw for this game the pictures on here and on the site links are linking are showing bad pictures of the game.

ameliabaz100d ago

It's definitely been edited or put through a filter, because the game looks absolutely gorgeous in motion. During that scene in particular it is raining, so you can see the little droplets dripping off their skin. It has some of the best facial animations I've ever seen.

pasta_spice99d ago

This is the scene it's from:

The thumb nail is photoshopped for sure.

LinkMaster64X98d ago

I stand corrected but N4G are doing this game a great disservice by showing crap pictures.

yeahright2100d ago

I did 2 playthroughs and I never got that feeling at all. I got a buddy cop feel more than any other and a "hate each other but still get the job done" in a another.