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Tom Chick - "The Crew 2 is a real surprise. Not at all what I expected. It’s actually astonishing. Maybe even breathtaking. It seems completely, utterly, stupenduously, jaw-droppingly unaware of why I played The Crew. It flagrantly violates the conventional wisdom that videogame sequels are better because game design is an iterative process. Design something, improve on it for the sequel, repeat. But The Crew 2 doesn’t feel the least bit iterative. It simply can’t compare to The Crew. It’s as if it never even heard of it. It’s not just one step forward, two steps back. It’s not even no steps forward, two steps back. It’s popping the clutch when you didn’t know the car was in reverse and plunging over a cliff. It is one of the worst open-world games I’ve played, and easily the worst caRPG I’ve ever played."

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Team_Litt129d ago

Tom Chick, sometimes it SEEMS like you do this deliberately to stay relevant. I really hope that isn't the case.

starchild129d ago

Such a strange guy. How are his reviews helpful if his taste seems so radically different from most gamers? And it's even worse if he is just doing it for attention as you suggest.

coolbeans128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

"How are his reviews helpful if his taste seems so radically different from most gamers?"

The answer is literally nested in your own question. Making an informed decision on your next purchase can come from two methods: comparing or contrasting. In other words, which people run with or against your own views on what makes a worthwhile game/sequel/etc.? If his views run against that of what "most gamers" value then it seems to me most are getting a more complete picture before taking the purchasing plunge.

DJ_Professor_K128d ago

You’d be surprised at what people do to stay realvant

Sciurus_vulgaris129d ago

Ban this site and their intentional outlier reviews.

DarkVoyager129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

The Crew 2 is awful but going by his past reviews Tom Chick should never review games period and Quarter To Three should be removed from metacritic.

Liqu1d129d ago

Considering a moderator submitted this I think it's safe to say N4G won't be banning clickbait trash that can potentially affect peoples livelihoods and instead they'll be promoting it instead.

coolbeans128d ago

In an era where review scores hold significantly less sway on customers' purchasing decisions, let's ease off the David Cage levels of melodrama here.

And if Qt3 is recognized as "clickbait trash" by most people, whose livelihoods is it actually affecting? The site is no more promoted than any other on here: clicks & comments driving up the heat.

Aceman18129d ago

This guy is a clown, and no one should ever take him seriously.

coolbeans128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

Suggesting to curtail free expression on N4G? Let's mount up, warriors! I said mount up, free speech warriors!!!


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SolidGamerX129d ago

LOL! The clickbait is mad strong on this one.

Dark_Knightmare2129d ago

I swear this has to be one of the worst sites out there and that’s saying something when we have gamingbolt,gamecritics and a few others. I pray for the day when this site closes down and Tom chick can’t review games anymore or he can but won’t be able to do blatant,outlier clickbait reviews if employed by a respectable outlet

NecrumOddBoy129d ago

This, GameKult and ThisGenGaming are also just awful.

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The story is too old to be commented.