JRPG-Inspired Edge of Eternity Eliminates Grinding Through Strategic Combat

The latest update for Edge of Eternity explains how the epic RPG aims to remove the genre’s typical reliance on grinding.

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shinoff21831019d ago (Edited 1019d ago )

Well that sucks. I enjoy kicking back and leveling up(grinding) I recently started up kingdom hearts 1.5 I had tried playing back in the day but never finished or even got far. Anyway before I left sora home island I got myself to level 25 before I decided to move on. I thought that was quite a feat until I found out some guy went to level 99(maybe 100 can't remember if you max at 99) . I think the video said it took him two months. That's downright crazy lol.

After reading the article it seems they didn't out right get rid of it, just a different way to approach some things. Maybe the word eliminates shouldn't have been used.

thekhurg1019d ago

I'm confused by your statement. There is still a grind, they say you can do random battles right away...

shinoff21831018d ago

I stated in my comment that the headline was misleading. After reading the complete article they didn't get rid of it just there are more options. It's right there in my original comment.

joab7771018d ago

The first and only mobilize game I’ve ever played is Lineage 2, and it uses auto battling to deal with grinding. Kinda brilliant really b/c it’s perfect for a mobile mmo. The game itself is unbelievably complex for a mobile game also, and gets better each patch. Has great progression etc.

I just worry that any jrpg that bypasses grinding will make the game too easy like NNK2. NNK2 was so damn easy that it literally nullified every system in the game.Inve they added a hard and expert level, the game changed dramatically, and all the systems starting working brilliantly.

I will have to look into this more, but I am skeptical. Wonder why vid wasn’t linked to article. Or I missed it.

AizenSosuke1019d ago

Hopefully it's doesn't make the game too quick now

Eidolon1018d ago (Edited 1018d ago )

If grinding was what made it long, then that's a bad design. They are adding strategic combat through a new grid battle system, allowing players to tackle encounters in different/smart ways, determined and skilled players will be able to bypass more grinding.. if you want to be lazy and just smash buttons through every fight, then you can grind.

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noxeven1018d ago

looks good, i will wait till its done.

Germaximus1018d ago

So it's a skill tree that you can change. Cool.