A Second Season Pass Coming To Tekken 7

A Japanese game schedule manager said to have leaked or somehow confirmed the existence of Tekken 7's second season pass.

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Obscure_Observer127d ago


Good? I wonder what happened to you and your anti-GaaS/MTs pals? Where´s that sweet hate that you people have against EA?

AnubisG127d ago

Tekken has nothing to do with EA. This is not GaaS.

Obscure_Observer127d ago (Edited 127d ago )


"This is not GaaS"

Lol. Whatever you say, dude.

InKnight7s127d ago

What happened to games you can unlock a lot of characters without paying extra money?

WitcheRivia127d ago

You don't have to pay extra money to unlock new characters in Street Fighter V. It's optional but you can earn them with in-game currency if you really like the game (play it a lot).

PurpHerbison127d ago

You have to play a lot to do that though, like A LOT. As in main the game and play it every day a lot.

lociefer127d ago

That is why releases don't mean releases anymore, you have to wait a year to actually get the full game a-la mkX

WitcheRivia127d ago

Not going to fool me twice. The only good thing about the first pass was Geese. They shouldn't even be charging for legacy characters after that first season pass. Even in TTT2 they didn't charge for legacy characters). Not to mention Soul Calibur 6 is coming out soon so they would really have to rush out a 2nd pass if they expect people to buy it.

Majin-vegeta127d ago

two different teams working on these games...

PurpHerbison127d ago

I find it funny that people don't like Noctis. Sure he is a Final Fantasy character, and sure, there are more deserving legacy/guest characters out there but he is the ONLY guest character that actually plays like a Tekken character outside of his f+2. It makes me wonder how many people actually like Tekken, but I do understand just like gaming, complaining is also a hobby. And Tekken is doing fine and will be A-okay with the 2nd season pass. People forget a huge make up of Tekken players come from asia regions where SC does not have a huge following. SC6 isn't even getting an arcade release.

The_Jackel127d ago

yeh f*ck off to that. this better not be a trend. expecially fallout 4s over priced pos season pass

EDKICK127d ago

Of all the season passes to go after, Fallout 4 at least had two major expansions...
There have been dozens of far worse examples of season passes imo.

lildudexst127d ago

I'm good. Your first season pass was disrespectful.

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The story is too old to be commented.