Aim Assist: Everything you need to know About Aim Assist on Consoles

The ins and outs you need to know about aim assist containing different techniques and tools that make up the assist and it's role in your gameplay

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Skull521105d ago

I wish PC games allowed aim assist when you use a controller, it’s not easy to compete against keyboard and mouse without it. Keyboard and mouse would still be superior but it would go a long ways toward leveling the playing field.

TheSplooge105d ago

Honestly, if you're good with a controller its possible to smoke people with m&kb. Used to do it on BF3 all the time.

Skull521105d ago

Yeah I’ve done a lot of PC with controller on BF3 as well but there is no question it is much easier to play with it on console vs PC.

TheSplooge105d ago

Of course! Youve got a level playing field on console. Auto aim annoys me, but if you disable it, you're at a disadvantaged. Thats why i play on hardcore cuz that shits disabled.

FinalFantasyFanatic105d ago

I find if you good with a mouse and keyboard it translates to reasonably good controller skills, but then it makes controllers feel sluggish to use.

Kornholic104d ago

This is true. You just have to play a little differently than you would on kb/m.

Spartacus10104d ago

I agree. Used to play BF3 and COD4 with controller. Just requires a different play style. Positioning and tactical awareness matter a lot more if you play with a controller pad.

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crazyCoconuts105d ago

Agreed. I hear some games like Destiny do. Fortnite has it on PC settings but I can't tell if it's working.
Either help with autoaim or maybe segment matchmaking between groups

rageholic105d ago

Fortnite definitely has it on PC. But they nerfed it. It's no where near as good as as it used to be. I've gotten used to it so I still do ok with a controller.

MasterChief3624105d ago

Some games have aim assist. I think the newest Call of Duty games do, Battlefront II and Battlefield 1 do. I'm sure there are many more, too.

Cobra951105d ago

I use a controller all the time in PC games, and they do have (defeatable) aim assist. Mouse is much better for raw aiming, but a controller feels too right for everything else for me to put it down. I like Far Cry 5's flexible scheme, where I can reach for the mouse to aim while still controlling movement with the left joystick, and bringing up the crosshairs with the left trigger. I seldom do that, but sometimes it pays off with the extra finesse for head-shotting moving targets.

I've learned to compensate for the more coarse right-stick aiming with footwork. Bring the crosshairs close with R-stick, and then jostle around with L-stick for a finer adjustment. It's become second nature, and I don't even think about it as I do it.

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isarai105d ago

I hate it, ruins my finesse. As soon as i boot up a shooter i go to settings and turn it off if possible.

Kornholic104d ago

It really depends on the game. There is variety even between Call of Dutys. For example Black Ops 3 has a really aggressive aim assist compared to WW2.

KwietStorm105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

Always turned off. Feels like I'm only half playing the game with that crap.

PurpHerbison105d ago

There are times where it works against you too.

KwietStorm105d ago

Yea like when aiming at your target and someone runs in front of them, pulling your gun towards them instead?

Cobra951105d ago

Also, when it makes it tough for you to lead a moving target. That's poor design, I think. Good auto-aim allows you to nudge your aim spot. It feels like a rubber band tries to pull your aim back to center, but doesn't yank it back, or "snap" suddenly away from your target.

MasterChief3624105d ago

Why is this written like an expose on something that is just being implemented, when it has in fact been around for the better part of 2 decades?

aaronaton105d ago

I for one have been following this Aim Assist Controversy for multiple generations, here are some of the worst and least offensive:
Call Of Duty and Halo seemed to be the 1st pioneers of Aim assist with COD3 and Halo2, effectively being a 'sticky aim' where your cross-hair would stick momentarily to a target rendering more accurate shooting.
The latest installment of Halo on XboxOne have seen some of the worst and most n00bish Aim Assist ever to be invented, on top of the persistent sticky aim, they added 'bullet magnetism', which would genuinely see bullets swerve towards their intended target.

Surprisingly, there has only been a handful of PS title that don't offer sticky aim at all (Killzone being one of them)

Personally Aim Assist was born from last generation for the need for casual gamers to become more competitive, i blame the Xbox360 and Call of Duty mainly. I really don't think it's necessary in this day in age as casual gamers are far less inept and more competitive generally.
I just wish EA/Dice shared the same opinion.
I didn't get why they didn't disable Aim Assist for Hardcore Mode??!! strange to say the least.

PurpHerbison105d ago

It makes sense to have aim assist as an option for single player modes to make casuals feel better about themselves but it makes no sense to introduce that into the competitive online world.

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