5 Things We Miss About Retro Gaming

Five things which make older gaming more fun and simple compared to the modern one

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VGA104d ago

Agree with all the points, especially the fact that local gaming meant you got to see your friends more. But the memorable 8-bit soundtracks were awesome.

NecrumOddBoy104d ago

Midi magic. Not 8bit, but Chrono Trigger is unmatched and it's soundtrack. I really where Square would rendition it with their Orchestra

joab777104d ago

I will agree with the localization too. And I love the term retro, or “games I played growing up” lol!

But there is amazing music today also. See Nier from last year. And I don’t really find the new consoles to be all that difficult to mess with if needed. And while dlc has often gotten out of hand. In many occasions, it is an amazing thing! See Prey’s newest dlc, maybe the best dlc to come to gaming in years. Definitely an evolution of the immersive sim that millions adore. And while some games have difficult butt configurations, most are relatively easy to learn and a welcome addition.

Nostalgia is an interesting thing. We always have rose-colored glasses when looking back because I also remember having to hide memory cards, blow on cartridges, buy new controllers, and haul those damn things everywhere I went.

The beuatiful thing today is that we are getting great 8 bit and 16 bit games as well as GoWs and RDR2s. And we can still play many of these classics, either remade or on new micro machines.

mastershredder104d ago

The APU does not = Midi. Stop wagging.

Einhander1971104d ago

Everything, luckily I still have plenty of original retro kit so it will live forever in my heart. The 8 and 16 bit era will always be legendary.

agent4532104d ago

This is what I have been saying all along in regards to free unlockables, map editors, alternate endings, etc .....

SR38813104d ago

You know what i miss?

Next to no loading time
No installing games
No internet was needed to do a simple task
Never any problems really with old consoles
Games were better
No constant updates
Day one patches
Games now are too easy
Games now are so expensive
Not really any split screen anymore
Unlocking things in game

I could go on lol

optimus104d ago


You mean today you need the internet to do a task? How so?

You mean you never had to blow into a cartridge or port of an old console? Wiggle the power button so it stays on? Stand it on it's side so it actually plays the game?

Games we're better? I gather a few on-screen sprites never slowed your games down to roughly 5 frames per second.

No constant updates? Of course not, how else could they update a game that desperately needed it without internet? Easy, wait for a sequel to the game 2 or 3 years later and have you pay full price again.

Games are too easy? Or did constant gaming make us too good for most of the stuff that gets put out theses days? Not too mention that being able to continue and save pretty much anywhere doesn't help the difficulty either. Back then, you had to earn lives to get further in a game even though games may have been relatively easy. I remember punch out being a very hard game. Took me over a month to finally beat Tyson. Today, I can do it in 20 minutes.

Games are expensive? I gather you never bought a cartridge for $75, regular game, no collector's edition.

No split screen? Some games still have it. Can you honestly say your friends come over your house every day? Can you honestly say splitting your view on a game into 2 or 4 smaller screens is a better experience? Can you honestly say you never cheated by looking at everyone else's screens?

I don't know what games you play but I unlock things in games every so often... Without paying a single dime...

I could go on...

In all seriousness though, the only thing missing from MOST of today's games is the lack of creativity and overall story telling that a lot of the retro games had.

SR38813104d ago

What are you on about lol I've been gaming for nearly 30 years... All my stuff is valid ... Internet has nearly ruined gaming

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