Detroit: Become Human vs Heavy Rain

Recently reviewed Detroit: Become Human felt like an obvious opponent of the classic Heavy Rain. André Wigert has tried to figure out which is better.

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FallenAngel1984194d ago

I wish Quantum Dreams would turn The Dark Sorceror into a fully fledged game like they did for Kara with Detroit

UCForce194d ago

I’m sure they will do it in the future.

ClayRules2012194d ago

I would love to see that turned into a fully fledged game. That was so darn funny!

deadfrag194d ago

Heavy rain its better in my view.

Atticus_finch194d ago

I love heavy rain but I disagree.

paintedgamer1984194d ago

Very unpopular opinion... but you like what you like.

81BX193d ago

I've played heavy rain but not Detroit, yet. Heavy rain is a classic! Absolutely love it!

OpenGL194d ago

The best points of Detroit were better than the best points of Heavy Rain in my opinion but many of the Marcus chapters were not particularly good, detracting from the overall experience.

Atticus_finch194d ago

Detroit is without a doubt the best work from QD. I am super excited to see what they will work on next.

paintedgamer1984194d ago

Dbh > every david cage game before it

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The story is too old to be commented.