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PhoenixUp105d ago

Other JRPGs I'm looking forward to this year are Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition & 13 Sentinels

Razmiran105d ago

Is 13 sentinels coming out this year?

indyman7777104d ago

Dang wow I did not know that SWITCH had such a AAA lineup of RPG's THIS YEAR. Sony only (PS4 and Vita) Sentinal 13 looks interesting. I knew the flood gates was going to open but man! I have to play Octopath traveler before dragon quest xi comes out 2 months later? Did I just use the phrase: 'have to' about AAA rpg's. I sounds spoiled like in the 1990's. Great to be spoiled again!

I think PS4 will do the same with JRPG's and is already starting too with trails of cold steel 3 (my most wanted JRPG) no way Sony is going to let Nintendo flood the home console player with RPG's without fighting back.

PhoenixUp104d ago

It’s scheduled for this year

Segata104d ago

Just not for the west. Likely 2019 for the west.

DARK_FOX104d ago

I just looked up 13 Sentinels and thank you so much! I had no clue about this game and it looks amazing!

indyman7777104d ago

Hey you just made my eye twitch! lol. Most wait little.....loooonger.

Segata104d ago

Most excited for Octopath Traveler, Dragon Quest XI, Shining Refrain, Xenoblade 2 Torna Golden Country, Tales of Vesperia, Metal Max Xeno and TWEWY HD.

indyman7777104d ago

stop it ! I'm going to cry if next week does not get here faster and your not helping me keep my mind off the wait! :)

Sirk7x104d ago

Octopath Traveler in less than a week!

indyman7777104d ago

Right! I was suppose to start increasing my over time next week too! Oh well!