Ask A Game Dev: What do you think about the recent ArenaNet dev firings?

AskAGameDev writes: "I woke up this morning, checked my twitter, and sighed. This whole situation sucks. For those who didn’t know, Narrative Designer Jessica Price posted a twitter thread about the issues narrative designers have to consider while writing MMORPG protagonist characters. She was approached by a Guild Wars 2 Youtuber called Deroir, who politely asked her if she had considered branching dialogue. She responded as if Deroir were attempting to tell her how to do her job (he kind of was), then her coworker Peter Fries defended her. The exchange exploded on reddit and both Price and Fries were let go from ArenaNet.

I do have many thoughts on this and they are complicated."

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letsa_go197d ago

No one cares about dev drama! Just keep making good games and leave the SJW crap out of it.

OB1Biker197d ago (Edited 197d ago )

'She responded...'
Or did she rudely lash out ?

iofhua197d ago

It must be hard to do branching dialog in an MMO because you're playing with all these other people in the same world together. If you take path B in a quest and your friend takes path A, then suddenly you can't play the quest together and you might end up taking a whole series of resulting different quests in different places or from different NPC's.

It multiplies the amount of work by like 100x and separates the players in a game where they're all supposed to be playing together.

Of course I'm not a dev, so maybe I'm still off base, but that kind of makes sense to me, and if they had explained that it might not have blown up.

I do agree - stay off of social media when you're frustrated or angry. In fact, if you're a working professional the best course of action is to not use social media at all. We live in a day and age where posting a picture of you to facebook drinking beer at a party can get you fired from your job. It's too much risk.