Fortnite is Kinda Lame

GameRevolution writes: "A GR writer describes why they just can't get into Fortnite and what about the game (and its culture) keeps them from enjoying it."

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Hardiman102d ago (Edited 102d ago )

It's just not my cup of tea! To each his own though. One day the bubble will burst!

Mr_cheese101d ago

This is the beauty of opinion, one person junk is anothers treasure.

For now they're running the genre but you are right, it takes a lot to stay at the top and as myspace found out, you can get toppled if you get complacent.

VenomUK101d ago

GameRevolution: “Fortnite is Kinda Lame.” Don’t play it then!

Skull521101d ago

Fortnite Battle Royale is lame. The original vision of the game is actually intriguing.

BiggerBoss101d ago

Not my type of game, but at least it's better than the garbage that is PUBG...

81BX101d ago

Solo I thought it was meh. I played with a friend and it was fun. Some games just require more people

RememberThe357101d ago

Just realized that playing Destiny 2, and having no damn friends. I honestly wish I was better at connecting with other gamers.

Notellin101d ago

Yeah I just can't get into this game. I can play a couple rounds then I find myself playing something else.

I can see it's appeal though.

letsa_go101d ago

Yeah I tried it out too and can't get into it. It is like minecraft mashed with call of duty and catered to preteens.

SegaGamer101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

Every year we get these flavour of the month games (or maybe it should be called flavour of the year games) and i never actually like them, they are always bang average or just plain **** games.

It just feels like games that people play because everybody else does. Even in the gaming community you have your sheep.

Hardiman101d ago

I've heard my kids friends say how they need to get this skin, a gun or whatever because so in so has it. Peer pressure definitely factors into these types of games and one of the reasons they are so popular. Another kid we know used his parents card and got into trouble.

BlackTar187101d ago

Battle royale is a great mode. Prefer h1z1 though for it being more of true shooter and no building etc. But the mode is a blast imo

3-4-5101d ago

The Battle Royale style of gameplay in theory is an awesome idea, but it won't be done in a way that is of high quality until next year.

When somebody re-invents and adds to the genre, and builds it from the ground up as something more than just the single map multiplayer 100 person battle.....then I will be interested.

For now it's like a boring tech demo that gets old after the first round.

Hardiman101d ago

What about Mavericks: Proving Grounds? It sounds interesting because you can track footprints and blood trails instead of just hiding in the bushes hoping you kill them before they kill you! There's also destructible environments like large trees that can be shot down onto opponents. There will be wildlife in game as well and it'll be 400 player!

I may have to check that one out when it finally comes to OZ4.

FinalFantasyFanatic101d ago

I'm not really into it, but I understand why other people like it, battle royale games always get super popular and then die out for a while until the next new hotness in the genre.

spwittbold101d ago

yeah but it's making Epic 100mil+ a month (300mil last month alone) it's like, yeah, whatevs.

CorndogBurglar101d ago

Well it made a big enough splash that big devs are adding BR modes to their games. This is where things will get interesting and all kinds of new ideas will be added.....hopefully.

Ninja_Ryu101d ago

Tbh PUBG and Fortnight is not my cup of tea

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DarkVoyager101d ago

In your opinion* 100 million players beg to differ.

Rimeskeem101d ago

How many of those actually keep playing it tho?

DarkVoyager101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

How many of those actually keep playing it tho?

Apparently a lot. There were 125 million players as of June. As with every game though numbers will drop over time.

Rodney25101d ago

I guess numbers for a free game show it's quality. When did we start this again?

DarkVoyager101d ago (Edited 101d ago )


“I guess numbers for a free game show it's quality. When did we start this again?“

The game is free, fun, and very popular. Does there need to be a debate for everything? Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it a bad game.

badz149101d ago


"How many of those actually keep playing it tho?"

you do realize how dumb that question is when there is an article recently reporting that they just made $300mil a month, right?

AirJohnston101d ago

Drake's new album is garbage but it went platinum after 4 days. Numbers don't mean anything. Fortnite is the Drake of video games, it's gotten so popular that it's cool to play it. If social media wasn't a thing, Fortnite wouldn't be near as big. I don't think it's awful but I definitely don't think it's as good as its numbers would suggest

BlackTar187101d ago

You may not like it but to deny its quality is wrong. It's a very well run game with quality work being put into it. I personally like h1z1 which is nowhere near the quality.

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Aceman18101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

I personally don't get why these battle royal games are so popular. I get bored fast of competitive online shooters after like one match lol.

I'd rather have great coop experiences with my friends in games like borderlands, or the division.

Eiyuuou101d ago

Imo it’s fun to play with friends... but that’s pretty much it.

Each to their own.

81BX101d ago

If you're good at them then it makes it more fun. Doesnt apply to cod though. A squirrel can be good at that game

SoulMikeY101d ago

Division? You can understand why a minimal depth, overly repetitive, lackluster game like division can keep you interested, yet you don’t understand why competitive games will always be popular?

Competition is human nature man, any newish way you can do it will find a way to be popular.

Old McGroin101d ago


"Minimal depth, overly repetitive"

An excellent way to sum up Fortnite.

Aceman18101d ago

Yea I've nvr seen the appeal of just running around killing each other round after round. That's just boring to me, and even if I was the top player in these types of games I still wouldn't see the appeal as is lose my interest in it right away.

KillBill101d ago

Aceman18 - point being you are competing against other players. It would be like not seeing the appeal of playing Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Hockey, Football... as you are doing the same thing each time... just trying to score and beat the other team.

tombfan101d ago

Like a lot of you said, I don't find the beauty of having a match with a lot of people just to kill them and be victorious and that's all, no extra lore, no extra nothing, but that's me, I'm not a lot into PVP only games.

TheDriz101d ago

Exactly and if thats the game im gonna play id rather play Quake or Halo or something of that nature.

DaDrunkenJester101d ago

You don't get why it's popular because you don't like competitive games.

SAFYIIR101d ago

Yo, the Division is trash.

rivaldoo777101d ago

I'm a big single player guy but the only multiplayer I enjoy are the third person shooters like Gears 4, U4 , TLOU multiplayer. First person shooter regarding multiplayer is not my cup of tea.

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bluefox755101d ago

Not really my cup of tea these days, but hey, everyone I know plays it, so I guess people like it.

SolidGamerX101d ago

Don't care for it either, but theres clearly a very large group that want to play it and spend tons of money on it.