Pokémon - Sinnoh needs the remake treatment, here's why

We think Sinnoh is an underrated Pokémon region that deserves a remake on Nintendo Switch.

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-Foxtrot106d ago

They should have started with Yellow in a huge expanded remake adding onto the game taking full advantage of the Switch but instead they exploited a Yellow remake to push that GO crap.

itplrbear106d ago

it's supposed to aim towards the younger audience.

Movefasta1993106d ago

Explain what younger audience has to do with removing wild battles please.

-Foxtrot106d ago the main Pokemon games OR ANY Pokemon games are not aimed at the younger audience

If you keep dumbing your games down when you have something which attracts young and old players all you are going to do is p*** the older gamers off.

DJK1NG_Gaming106d ago

No. It was not made for younger audience. Pokemon GO players are majority grown people walking around.

Them making the game simple for them is pretty showing that Game Freak thinks they are too stupid to process anything when it comes to Pokemon.

After all the people who are truly hype for this game make the excuse that they don't like any or remember any Pokemon past Gen 1

DialgaMarine105d ago

Problem is Pokémon as a game has already become way too easy, not that the franchise was ever really hard to begin with. A casual Pokémon Go expansion just seems like overdoing it. If you’re a true Pokémon fan, there’s no denying that this Let’s Go game is utter dog crap. It’s not even a good placeholder to play while we wait for the gen 8 games.

InKnight7s105d ago

Younger audience go and catch everywhere with mobiles? My younger version had Pokemon is we know it with battles and story and we ain't any smarter than newer gen.

This is the result of wanting easy-money making lazy developers.

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AdonisIsBeast105d ago

Personally feel as though Game Freak doesn’t have an ambitious team willing to expand on the formula and turn it into something like Breath of tte Wild did for Zelda. So they continue to keep the games dumbed down with little to no strategy and sidequests whatsoever. Pokemon has been a disappointment in my opinion as I’ve grown older with the series. They should add story elements and cutscenes similar to the original tv series with a larger budget. Would be well worth the investment.

ShadowWolf712104d ago

They should have done a Yellow remake and actually included Yellow as the female character model.

-Foxtrot104d ago

I never even clicked on with that

Why didn't they? That's pretty silly to be honest.

Teflon02106d ago

Not underrated, just the worse games in the series

DJK1NG_Gaming106d ago (Edited 106d ago )

Nope. Gen 4 is the best in the series.
It the first online, has the biggest changes in the meta game and a lot of new and fixed mechanics.

Also a lot of Gen 1-3 Evolution.

Teflon02105d ago

Yeah, also added oddly the slowest and sluggish battle system that made me even hate the soul silver and heart gold. Which are remakes of my favourite Pokémon games. I loved the leaf green and fire red though. Also, personally, Pokémon meta is stupid. It literally has too much weight on outcome. Atleast with fighters etc, meta is more likely to win but you can lose easy.. It's like shuckle, when it was basically one of the most op Pokémon. That crap ruined Pokémon vs friends. So I play to catch as much Pokémon as possible. Get the line up I want. Beat it and done. Competitive Pokémon needs to go.

DJK1NG_Gaming105d ago

That why Pokemon Battle Revolution exist. And many online competitive battlers used it.

Name Last Name105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

Gen 4 is my favorite. As DJ said, it introduced a lot of evolutions to older pokemon and introduced fan favorites like Lucario

The legendaries of this game are the most important in terms of lore. The newer ones have been lame

DialgaMarine105d ago

Eh, I liked Gen 4. If I had to pick a worst, it would definitely be Gen 6 (though I haven’t play 7 yet). It added the least amount of new Pokémon of any gen, mega evolutions felt very underwhelming, and the games overall just felt too easy. The one thing that I will say is that Yveltal is pretty badass.

Nebaku104d ago

They indeed are. In general I've found that the only people who disagree are those who haven't played all the generations.

Gen.4 is where the series staleness really started showing. Fortunately gen.5 addressed that.

DJK1NG_Gaming106d ago

It will be the Generation 8 Refresh.
It will come sometime during 2021.

DialgaMarine105d ago

My user ID clearly isn’t hiding the fact that I wouldn’t be against a gen 4 remake lol

KillZallthebeast105d ago

Is it because team four stars run is so boring

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