6 Months Later, Gravity Rush 2 Campaigners Reunite to Keep Servers Online

It isn't gravity, but The Man who is keeping Kat down as less than two weeks remain before Sony pulls the plug on Gravity Rush 2's online features. Once again, a fan campaign reunites to extend the game's online functionality. But will a second effort be as successful as the first?

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DialgaMarine194d ago

This is definitely one of favorite franchises (Kat is waifu lol), and this one in particular is in my top 5 PS4 exclusives, but the servers really didn’t do much to add to the game, so I’m not sure why this is such a big deal to people. As far as I know, the online functions weren’t required for platinum, but I’m not 100% on that one.

DarXyde194d ago

It's not required.

I thoroughly enjoy treasure hunting online though. I've literally completed over 2,000 of them.

I agree on its quality. Behind Persona 5, it's my favorite game this generation. Games like Gravity Rush and its sequel give me hope for creativity in the industry.

Teflon02194d ago

gravity rush 2, the moment you finish the main game and realize whats up, is one of the best moments ive had in gaming this gen honestly. Its seriously one of my all time favourite series, it's just so refreshing and unique. Kat is seriously one loveable character as well. But like you suggest. that is correct. Nothing at all special about the online. It has a picture share service and treasure hunts mainly. which aren't amazing, but they do entertain at times. My inly issue with tthem taking it offline, how is it possible to get dusty coins then? I want the stuff to be earned by future players as I worked hard to beat times and posted picsdid hunts lol. Getting over 12k dusty tokens with 2 months lol.

rockwhynot194d ago

I will play this game one day! GR 1 on ps vita felt so good doing the power slide move.